MasterChef Christmas Special, tomorrow on TVE


The magic of Christmas also reaches television programs and contests and this is how the MasterChef Christmas Special has just been presented, which will be broadcast tomorrow on TVE, which will have the character of a solidarity program, since the program's prizes will go to those who most they need it on these dates.

On the 23rd, we will find a Special MasterChef Christmas program in which some of the participants in the editions of the adult program, and others in the MasterChef Junior edition, come together to compete both individually and in pairs, to win the culinary challenges of the program.

The program will of course include Eva González as presenter and the usual jury composed of Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, Pepe Rodríguez Rey and Jordi Cruz. Cooking tests, guaranteed excitement and fun seem to be the hallmarks of this Christmas program.

In it, we will receive very appetizing advice such as how a Christmas table should be dressed, and we will surely take good note for the Christmas Eve dinner.In addition, the participants will meet Toño Pérez from the Atrio restaurant, Kiko Moya from the L'Escaleta de Cocenaina restaurant and Carles Abellán from the Bravo restaurant in Barcelona.

We are sure that we will have a good time watching the old and the young in the kitchen together, in this Special Christmas edition of MasterChef, tomorrow on TVE. Of course, a good plan for the day before Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays to all!

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