Fabada foam. Harvesting recipe


Surely some of you have kept a foam siphon that you hardly use. He probably came home on a birthday, in Reyes, or it was a crush on those who end up in oblivion and heartbreak. If so, you can make the most of it by recycling the leftovers from legume dishes, as is the case with this bean stew foam recipe.

Ingredients for four large servings or twelve small glasses

300 gr. of fabada the day before, extra virgin olive oil, 125 gr. of liquid cream, 100 gr. chorizo, a siphon suitable for hot foams, two gas charges for foam siphon. Additionally, broth or water.

How to make bean stew foam

In a saucepan, boil the cream for a few minutes. Heat the bean stew with a tablespoon of oil in another saucepan and add the cream. We pass the mixture through a powerful mixer, eliminating the remains of compango for this operation. If we observe that the fabada is a little dry, we add a splash of water or broth, if we have it. The mixture should be somewhat light. We pass the puree through the Chinese, and add salt if necessary.

We load the siphon with the amount of hot puree indicated by the manufacturer using a suitable funnel, place the head and close. We load the two capsules by screwing them into the capsule holder, and once loaded, we close the loading area with the trim. We shake the thermos for a minute, if we are not going to use it immediately, we place the thermos in a water bath.

We chop the chorizo ​​into very thin cubes, fry them in extra virgin olive oil until they are crisp and reserve. Assemble the glasses distributing the foam with the siphon and finish with the fried chorizo ​​and a little of its oil on the surface. We serve immediately.

Processing time | 20 minutes Difficulty | half


Fabada foam is an excellent starter or hot appetizer, as well as a dish of use. If you have leftover compango, you can use this instead of fresh chorizo, taking care to dry it and remove the fabada remains, finely chopping it and frying it in extra virgin olive oil.

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