This is the best way to serve beer at home, bottled or canned (and hardly anyone knows about it)


Fernando Iglesias, head of Beer Culture at Estrella Galicia, is clear about this: "Beer does not finish when it leaves the factory, but when it is served." And unfortunately, beer circulation is not always given the attention it deserves.

As Iglesias explained in the 1st Beer Draft Tournament for journalists, when someone asks for a beer in a bar, a countdown begins: the longer it takes to serve the beer, most hoteliers think, the less money they earn. It only takes 20 seconds to throw a perfect rod, but in many bars, out of habit or ignorance, they want to go faster. And that's how our hair looks.

Luckily, as the expert points out, there are more and more bars that take beer service seriously. Not only are canes served well in Madrid - a myth that we cats have very believed in, but which Iglesias, a Galician, recognizes as true - but there is still a long way to go.

The beer taps are designed to offer the customer the perfect beer: at its ideal temperature and with a layer of cream (not foam) of two to three centimeters, which is not only pleasant to the palate, but also allows the beer to retain its carbonic for longer.

To achieve this, Iglesias explains, the ideal is to serve the beer in two stages: first by pouring the beer without generating foam - something that is achieved by discarding the initial foam and allowing the beer to slide through the inside of the glass at an angle of 45º– and, later, placing the glass in a vertical position and opening the tap just a little bit, so that a fine line of cream comes out, with which we will crown our glass.

This service can (and should) be done in any bar, but what can we do if we want to enjoy a beer at home?

The rules of the beer house

The first aspects that we have to take into account when serving beer at home are similar to those that a bar should follow, but if they are not even met in establishments, we better remember them.

1. Store beer well

If our beers do not last long in the fridge, it is not very important that we keep them horizontal or vertical, but it is preferable to keep them standing, because in this way the beer does not come into contact with the plate and, what is more important, It has a smaller surface in contact with the air, which allows it to be better preserved.

2. Respect the temperature

In Spain we like to drink beer colder than in almost any other part of the world, something that is not recommended if what we want is to appreciate its flavor. Each type of beer has a serving temperature that is best respected. In the case of Lager, the style of most industrially manufactured Spanish beers, the ideal serving temperature is between 4 and 7 degrees.

3. Have a good glass (and never drink from the bottle)

In Spain we are very given to drinking beers directly from the can or bottle, something that is not recommended. In the first place, drinking from the container prevents us from enjoying the aromas of the beer, but it also makes the drink heavier, since we ingest all the carbon, which is not released as it happens when it is served by glass.

4. Clean the glass

As is done in bars, it is advisable to give the glass a jet of water before serving the beer. We must drain the glass well, but there is a thin layer of water that helps prevent foam from forming (if we don't want to) when we throw the beer.

5. Serve it big

The usual way of serving beer at home is very similar to that in bars, with the exception that, as with the tap, it is impossible to emulsify the beer so that cream comes out. It is also served in two stages: first the glass is placed at 45º and the beer is carefully served so that it slides through the inside of the glass. Once three quarters of the glass have been filled, we put the glass vertically and serve the beer that is at a higher height, letting it hit in the center of the glass, so that a foam forms.

This is the way to serve beer in a bottle or can that is taught to everyone, but Iglesias has shared another method that is more spectacular and has surprising results.

German school bottle service

To serve beer in this way we must have time, as it takes much longer to dispose of beer than in the conventional way, but if we have not invited Conan the Barbarian home, surely our guests appreciate the wait.

This time the beer is served in three stages, very similar to each other. The glass is placed vertically resting on the table and 1/3 of the bottle is served at a height of about 30 cm, so that the beer hits the center of the container, generating foam. The beer is then allowed to rest for 20 to 30 seconds, until the foam subsides. Then the operation is repeated, with the second third of the beer. This time the foam will almost reach the edge of the glass, but we wait another 20 or 30 seconds and, again the foam will drop.

In this second step, you can touch the glass with the bottle to help compact the foam - one of the traditional phases of the method whose usefulness Iglesias is not clear, but it remains fetén among your brothers-in-law.

Once the beer has settled for the second time, we repeat the operation, pouring the remaining beer, which generates a wonderful crown, which looks great and tastes better.


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