This Princess oil free fryer is so low on Amazon that it can be yours for less than 80 euros


When you spend your life trying to keep the line and eat healthy, you give up having a deep fryer at home to avoid temptations such as having homemade croquettes for dinner or accompanying a good steak with french fries (at least in my case).

That's why as soon as I saw that there was the possibility of making all kinds of frying healthier with an oil-free fryer, I did not hesitate to get one. Now you can include it in your kitchen too, but with a very interesting discount, because on Amazon we have this Princess 182055 for 137.99 79 euros.

With a power of 1700W this Princess can not only '' fry '' with a small spoonful of aicete, but also roast, toast and bake dishes with less calories, promising to preserve the flavor and texture of a conventional deep fryer.

It features a sleek design with 5.2 liter capacity, adjustable temperature control, touch screen and built-in timer. In addition, you can easily disassemble it to put it in the dishwasher.

Princess 182055 - Family Aerofryer XXL, Digital Display with Touch Button, Capacity: 5.2 liters, 1700 W, Black

RRP on Amazon € 79.00 PVP on Ebay € 101.56 PVP on PcComponents € 125.19

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