We are in avocado season


Taking a walk through the market in my town, I realized that avocados were very cheap and we are in the avocado season. As it is not a product that we consume regularly at home, I do not know many things and that is why I have decided to inform myself a little.

Avocado characteristics

The avocado is a round or round fruit. Its skin is grainy or smooth and shiny, it can be dark green or dark purple, depending on the variety. Its flesh is pale green in color, envelops a large round bone, a slight hazelnut flavor and an unctuous consistency.

Avocado is known to be ripe when its skin yields to the pressure of a finger. It should be kept in the lower part of the refrigerator. A trick to ripen avocados when we have bought them a little green is to wrap them in newspaper for a few days.

It is rich in fat, in vitamin A and potassium, it has 240 calories per 100 grams.

Avocado history

It is originally from South America, although today it is also cultivated in the Antilles, in Florida, Africa, Israel, Spain and France.

It is believed that the avocado was cultivated in Mexico for more than 9000 years, and that it was called "ahuacatl" in the tongue nahuatl, that of the ancient Mexicans. Later and before the arrival of Columbus, it was already cultivated in the Inca Empire under the name Quechua of "avocado“.

Avocado in gastronomy

The avocado is usually served as an appetizer, cut in two, with a sauce or garnished with multiple salads, frozen mousses, soufflés. It has a rapid oxidation, so it is always prepared at the last minute.

  • In Israel, avocado is prepared in the most diverse ways, including ice cream.
  • Guacamole sauce is very popular in Mexico.
  • In Martinique, it is the base of ferocious (avocado mixed with chopped cod).
  • Generalizing, in South America it is part of many soups and stews.
  • In Africa, avocado leaves are used to prepare a bubbly and slightly alcoholic drink, the “babine

And now that I know a little more about it and taking advantage of the avocado season, I'm going to entertain myself a bit and look for recipes where I can use it, for something more than a salad ingredient.

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