These are the best pieces of meat for Christmas

As the Christmas holidays approach, one of the main concerns of those of us who are going to host the banquets and family feasts is choosing the menu. If a few days ago I presented my suggestions of seven ideal fish to cook in the oven, today it is my turn for my suggestions for those who choose meat as the main dish on their menu. These are the best pieces of meat for Christmas.

Before we begin, we will comment that while poultry is considered meat in most classifications, we will leave turkeys, chickens, woodcocks, pulardas and other similar recipes for a new article that we will publish very soon.

Focusing on what concerns us, we are going to distinguish two categories of pieces of meat, the classic or more frequent cuts in family meals and the less frequent or new cuts of meat that we find more and more easily in butchers and markets, and that little by little they are being discovered by both us and our readers.

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