These are the best bird recipes to roast at Christmas

Just as we did with the best meats to roast at Christmas and with our best baked fish recipes, today it is the turn of traditional Christmas recipes made with birds. These are the best bird recipes to roast at Christmas

With these three possibilities, meat, fish and poultry, you can undoubtedly choose the best main course for your Christmas menus, completing them with recipes for appetizers, side dishes and desserts, so that the success of your family banquet is absolutely guaranteed.

The best bird recipes for roasting at Christmas

1. Christmas turkey

Christmas turkey recipe

Christmas turkey is a classic of Christmas banquets in our country, apart from being a common recipe in the United States and Canada as well. You can make the stuffed turkey in the American style like the Thanksgiving turkey or simply fill it in the Spanish style, serving it with garnish of grapes as we tell you below.

  • Ingredients: 1 Turkey of 4 to 5 kg better if it is female, lard Water, Salt, Sweet Wine, 50 ml and an Onion. For the filling, 300 gr of bacon, 1 apple, 4 slices of hard bread, dried apricots, prunes and a glass of poultry stock. For garnish and decoration, a bag of assorted lettuce sprouts, a large bunch of grapes, and an orange.
  • Preparation: We will begin by cleaning the turkey well, removing with a tweezers the cannons and feathers that the pollero has not removed, and singeing with a torch or a match, whichever is small to "depilate". Then we inject 50 ml of sweet wine with syringe into different points of the breast and legs so that it is very juicy. Once clean and after the injections, we salt it inside and out and spread it with a little lard. We are preheating the oven to 220º and while we prepare the filling. To do this, we rehydrate the prunes and dried apricots and cut them into pieces. We chop the fresh bacon into very small pieces and put it with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl, allowing the bread to soak in the broth. Once everything is mixed, add the apples cut into wedges and fill the turkey. Ideally, sew the opening with kitchen twine so that the filling does not come out during baking. Regarding the oven time, 45 minutes are calculated for each kg of turkey. One trick to prevent overburning and drying out is that when you have been in the oven for an hour and a half, you can cover the breast with a sheet of aluminum foil just like the tips of your thighs.

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2. Pularda stuffed with apple and dried fruit

Pularda stuffed with baked apples
  • Ingredients: 1.5 kg Pularda (ready to fill), Peeled walnuts Large onion, 1, Salt, Ground black pepper, Pedro Ximénez, 500
  • Preparation: The day before cooking the pularda we put all the fruits in maceration in the Pedro Ximénez. To do this, chop the walnuts, dried apricots and dates, cut one of the apples into cubes and chop the serrano ham. In a large bowl we place these ingredients and add the pine nuts and raisins. We water with Pedro Ximénez, cover and leave to marinate 24 hours. We drain the mixture well (keeping the liquid) and fill the pularda, which we will have seasoned previously. So that the filling does not come out, we close the legs and the opening with twine thread. Cut the onion into julienne strips and cut the other two apples into slices. With this we cover the base of a baking dish, place the filled pularda on top, water with a little of the maceration liquid and bake at 180ºC for an hour and a half (1 hour for each kg that the pularda weighs). Occasionally we water with the juices that the pularda will release so that it does not dry. To prevent it from browning excessively, we can cover with aluminum foil for the first hour and uncover the last 30 minutes. We go to a serving platter, strain the onion and the apple, which we serve as a garnish, and transfer the juices to a gravy boat. We serve immediately.

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3. Picantones with orange sauce and walnuts with mint shavings

Roasted Picantones
  • Ingredients: 2 picantones (or 1 chicken of 1.5 kg.), 100 gr. of butter, 2 onions, 1/2 liter of chicken broth, 2 branches of mint leaves, 1 branch of parsley, 8 nuts, 2 oranges, salt and pepper.
  • Preparation: First, we chop the chicken or the picantones, once well cleaned. We poach the finely chopped onions, in a saucepan with half the butter, and when they are transparent, add the seasoned chicken pieces and let them brown. Once they have a certain golden color, we add the chicken stock and cook over low heat, covered, for about an hour. At that time, chop the mint and parsley well, and fry them in a pan with the other half of the butter. We add the juice of the two oranges and the peeled and chopped walnuts, and after a 5-minute boil, we reserve this preparation. When the chicken has cooked for an hour, add the mint, walnut and orange mixture, and let the whole cook for another 20 minutes. As simple as that.

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4. Pheasant stuffed with apple and foie

Pheasant stuffed with foie
  • Ingredients: 1 pheasant, 1 apple, 1 potato, foie gras micuit, 100 g, bacon slices, 4, prunes, 6, onion 1/2
  • Preparation: We start from a clean pheasant, plucked and ready to roast like the one we prepared the other day when I taught you to pluck birds. The same can be a duck, a picantón or any other bird, or a tiny chicken, if you prefer. We lightly peel the skin from the breasts of their meat and between the one and the other, we introduce the aromatic herbs, which will later give a great flavor to the breast. Peel the red apple and cut it into large pieces. Through the gap between its legs, we introduce the apple pieces, the plums and the foie, closing with more apple pieces until we finish filling it. We cover the breasts with bacon slices so that when roasting they do not dry out and we tie with kitchen thread so that they do not lose shape during the roast. Peel and chop the potato into irregular pieces and distribute them in the baking dish, placing the pheasant in the center. We water with half a glass of water and another half of fragrant wine or with Port. Bake at 180º in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. We turn the pheasant and bake 10 minutes more on the other side. If we want it to be very golden, remove the bacon and cook for a couple of minutes. To make the sauce, crush the liquids that remain in the source (cooking juices, foie gras, wine) and reduce them by adding a little more wine, until we obtain a thick sauce with which to coat the pheasant slices.

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5. Chicken stuffed with plums, minced meat and bacon

Chicken stuffed with minced meat, prunes and bacon for celebrations
  • Ingredients: boneless chicken, 1, minced chicken breast, 1, minced beef, 400 g, head of loin (pork) minced, 400 g, prunes, 6, minced bacon, 150 g, chicken broth, 250 ml, Potato, 2, Shallot, 6, Onion, 1
  • Preparation: The first task is to bone the chicken, a task that we can do at home ourselves, in the way that we indicate here, or instructing our poultry farmer to do it himself, which will leave us boneless but keeping the shape of the chicken, leaving it ready to fill. For the filling, we are going to use a free range chicken breast in two halves that we will cover with the mixture of minced beef and head of pork loin, so that it is very juicy. On the minced meat, we place the bacon in strips and distribute the pitted plums in between. We introduce the filling into the chicken and try to shape it again, as if it were a boneless chicken. If necessary, we can add more minced meat or more chicken breast to achieve the appearance of an intact chicken. We close the openings with some toothpicks so that the filling does not come out and we flange the legs so that they do not deform during cooking since since they do not have bone they will tend to separate. In a baking dish, distribute the onion and shallots chopped into coarse pieces, add the potatoes into thick slices and form a bed on which we place the chicken. Add a glass of poultry stock and varnish the chicken with a tablespoon of oil. We put some branches of thyme on top and bake for two hours, turning the chicken every half hour so that it is done homogeneously and watering the skin with the juices from time to time.

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6. Stuffed Picantones for a couple's dinner

Stuffed picantones for a couple dinner
  • Ingredients: Picantones (small ration chickens), 2, Bacon, 150 g, Italian green pepper, 1, Onion, 1, Potatoes, 2, Prunes, 6
  • Preparation: We leave the prunes rehydrating in brandy, fragrant wine or Pedro Ximénez, at our choice. Meanwhile, chop the onion, pepper and bacon well into very small slices to prepare the filling. Sauté everything in a frying pan, allowing it to cook with the fat released by the bacon, without adding oil. Chop the rehydrated plums and mix them with the filling. With a spoon, we are filling the picantones, pressing well so that all the filling is distributed between the two picantones. With a rubber band or a toothpick, we close the crossed thighs of each chick and the hole through which we have put the filling. We peel the potatoes and cut them into cachelos.We put the potatoes in the base, place the picantones on top and water with a tablespoon of olive oil and the wine that we have used to rehydrate the plums and bake at 200º C until the potatoes are tender and the picantones have a beautiful golden color.

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7. Duck confit with caramelized pears and potatoes cooked in their fat

Duck confit with caramelized pears and potatoes cooked in their fat

The confit corresponds to the thighs of the fattened ducks to make foie, just as the magret corresponds to the breasts of those same animals. We usually find the confit pre-cooked and packaged in its own fat, making it very easy to make a delicious recipe like this one.

  • Ingredients: 2 duck confit, 2 potatoes and 4 pears, plus the duck fat
  • Preparation: We begin by preparing the pears. We peel them and cut into sheets two or three millimeters thick, and sauté them in a pan with a glob of butter. As soon as they start to take color, add a tablespoon of brown sugar and lower the heat. We remove them until they are very tender and with a golden color. Meanwhile, we leave the confit at room temperature on a frying pan, so that the fat in which they come comes off and we can use it to fry the potatoes. We help ourselves with the edge of a spoon to remove the rest of the duck fat and place the confit in a dish suitable for the oven. While we peel the potatoes, heat the duck fat and if we see that we are missing, add a little sunflower oil so that it does not add flavor. We fry the potatoes in the duck fat and drain them on absorbent kitchen paper. We turn on the oven as a function of gratin and put the confit at 220º in the second slot counting from above, ensuring that they toast but do not burn. It will take about ten minutes to get ready. We assemble the plate placing on one side the potato chips in duck fat, on the other side some caramelized pear slices and the duck confit in the center. To increase the shine, we sprinkle the confit with a tablespoon of the fat that they have released in the baking dish.

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