If you are thinking about eating a healthy diet (without giving up everything) take a look at this reduced oil free fryer


Something as delicious as stewed croquettes or as simple as French fries usually becomes food prohibited when we intend to eat a healthy diet or lose a few pounds.

Fried foods in general are as adored as they are feared for their health consequences, but everything in its proper measure can be recommended and if we also incorporate small appliances into our routine that help us reduce fat, better than better.

In this case, oil-free fryers can be a good addition to our kitchen, as long as we are clear that they are not a miraculous product and that they fulfill their function without having exactly the same results as those of a lifetime.

Today precisely in Amazon we find this air fryer signed by Cosori at a minimum price on Amazon, specifically for 129.99 103.99 euros. An appliance that has a capacity of 6 liters (perfect for families of up to 6 members), 11 different programs that include the possibility of programming cooking up to 4 hours in advance and the ability to keep our food warm once cooked.

It is also perfect for beginners since thanks to its Wi-Fi connection and the app, we can choose from more than 100 recipes to cook in a simple way. Once we are done, we can put the removable elements of our fryer in the dishwasher.

If you have missed the opportunity to get this model on sale, on Amazon you can still get this Cosori from a range slightly lower than the one we mentioned before with a discount, specifically for 79.99 67.99 euros. In addition to other models of brands such as Aigostar also reduced.

COSORI Original Oil-Free Fryer, Hot Air Fryer, Air Fryer with Adjustable Temperature and Timer Knobs, Non-Stick Basket, BPA and BFOA Free, 30 Recipes Included, 3.5L / 1500W

RRP on Amazon € 67.99 PVP on Ebay € 103.80

Shipping and returns are free on Amazon as long as your order reaches the minimum amount of 29 euros or you are subscribed to Amazon Prime.

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