This little chili called Dragon's Breath is so spicy it could kill you

My friend Marco has such a high tolerance index for spicy that he jokes that he uses Tabasco sauce as an aftershave. Jokes aside, you have to be very careful with the potency and capsaicin content of peppers, chili peppers or chili peppers because some are really terrifying. For example, this little chili called Dragon's Breath is so hot it could kill you.

It is a pepper created in Wales with the name of Dragon's breath that has become the hottest in the world, dethroning the previous one, known as Carolina Reaper, which until now even held the recognition of the Guinness awards.

Until the creation of this variety of chili, the Carolina reaper It was the most beast you can imagine and it was at the top of the ranking of hot peppers.Think that on the Scoville scale, the Tabasco sauce is at 2,500 units of capsaicin and the Carolina Reaper is at 1.57 million.

Well, this new variety called Dragon's Breath, is above 2.48 million units on the Scoville scale, it is something really dangerous. However, although it is a true unconsciousness, there you can find videos of people who have made the test of biting the Carolina Reaper and have had real problems.

These types of products are not food and you cannot imagine the danger that trying one of these peppers can have, no matter how small. They can actually cause anaphylactic shock or even death by suffocation if eaten. In any case, we will not be surprised to soon find some fool doing the test on You Tube with the new Dragon's Breath.

So ... if they are not eaten, why have these chili peppers been produced?

The reason that these fire peppers have been developed that make Wilbur Scoville's scale jump into pieces since with that power it would be out of all the rankings, is for other uses, of a medical nature.

They are so strong that even rubbed on the skin, they cause you to go numb, which is why they are being used as an analgesic and even as an anesthetic product. So far no one has swallowed it but one person who bit lightly had his mouth asleep for two days.

If you like spicy, here is a good compilation of spicy recipes but never try this type of chili without knowing them. As harmless as they may seem to you, you have to be careful because this little chili is so hot it could kill you.

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