This summer, the little ones to the kitchen


If you have the children at home this summer, and you don't know what activity you can do with them,why not cook?It has many advantages, on the one hand you spend time with them, essential in these months, but on the other you teach them to relate to food, to cook and to eat.

You can teach them to eat from the inside, help them and teach them to know the ingredients, and let's be clear, when they are proud of having made the dish, they eat much better.

If you like the idea, you have to get some kitchen items to match, on the one hand insurance and for another that stimulate for its colors and shapes.

In Ziclotech you have for sale one of these products, the set Mini Chef for pastry, full of color and made in materials with which you will not have any problem, in addition to not having any sharp object.

The set carries everything a little one needs in the kitchen: apron, mixing bowl, spoon, rolling pin, muffin molds, cookie cutter molds, ... perfect for making your own snack with the smallest of the family. House.

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