Cocotte beef stew. Recipe

I wanted to make a meat stew, a classic stew. But the meat I had at home was a hip hip, a great piece to roast in the oven. Then it occurred to me that it might be good to mix one with the other, and that is how the recipe for this cocotte beef stew that I present today came up.

Normally, when I want to make a meat stew or classic stew, I usually use needle meat or blood sausage, cut into tacos like in this recipe for onion needle with pumpkin bars. This time however, I prepared a stew, but in one piece, and the result has been a success since the meat has been much juicier than when we make it in the oven.

Ingredients for 6-8 people

  • A piece of veal hip stem, 1800 gr. approximately 2 large onions, 4 shallots, 3 carrots, 15 black pepper berries, 4 cloves, 100 gr. of assorted mushrooms, half a glass of red wine, half a liter of meat broth, 1 bay leaf, one head of garlic cut in half.

How to make a cocotte beef stew

The veal hip steak is a piece of less than 2 kg, with very good quality for its tenderness, which is usually great for roasting in the oven. However, it has been a success when making it stew, although it must be borne in mind that having stewed it in the iron cocotte, the stew has been produced with a technique similar to that of roasts in the oven, due to the characteristics it has cook in this great container.

We start by chopping the onions, peeling the shallots and chopping the carrots to sauté them next in a bottom of olive oil in the cocotte. Once the onion begins to show, we season the meat and put it in the casserole, where we brown it a few turns to slightly mark its entire surface. We do it over medium heat.

We add the mushrooms, which we also fry, and then the red wine and the meat stock, the bay leaf, the half head of garlic, and the pepper berries and the cloves. As soon as it begins to cook, we put the lid on the cocotte, and let it cook over very low heat, for 50 minutes, turning the meat over after 30 minutes.

In general for a piece of this size of kilo and a half long, it is normal for it to be in its point after an hour, but I prefer to check it before so that it does not overcook and dry. So after 50 minutes, we take out the meat, and cut it into two halves.

In the cut we will see if it is already in its point, in which case, we let it cool to cut it very fine, or if it lacks some time, returning it to the cocotte for the time that it lacks. In this case, it was at its point, somewhat pink, after 50 minutes, so I cut it once cold and put it back in the coconut to take to the table.

Processing time | One hour Difficulty | Easy


Since the sauce already has onion, carrot and mushrooms, we don't need more accompaniment than some diced fried potatoes, or if you prefer, a little white rice or homemade mashed potatoes. A good red wine and a loaf of bread, and without more, you will all enjoy this stew of veal in cocotte.

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