The Corrs Family Irish Stew Recipe

The virtual paths of the network are inscrutable. On one occasion close to Saint Patrick I found myself wanting to prepare some Irish air dish that did not resort to the typical Guinness beer. By pure chance and without looking for it, I found on a Swiss page the recipe for the Irish stew of the family of The Corrs, perfect for cold days.

It is a typically traditional, household recipe, without many complications. You only need good meat, simple vegetables, tasty broth, time and some love. Andera Corr indicates that this irish stew It was originally prepared at home with lamb meat, but also with good pieces of veal for braising, which has been my choice. It is a stew that is cooked in the oven, but if you do not have a suitable pot for it, it can be prepared entirely on the fire.


For 2 persons
  • Veal or lamb to cook 300 g
  • Cabbage or kale 150 g
  • Medium carrot 2
  • Small leek 2
  • Little onion 1
  • Marjoram
  • Dried or fresh thyme
  • Meat or chicken or vegetable broth 250 ml
  • YR Irish sauce (optional)
  • Medium-large potato 1
  • Ground black pepper
  • Fresh parsley
  • Salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil

How to Make The Corrs Family Irish Stew

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 1 h 40 m
  • Elaboration 10 m
  • Cooking 1 h 30 m
  • Repose 15 m

Cut the meat into bite-size pieces, removing any excess fat. Peel the carrots lightly and cut into pieces of more or less the same size. Cut the cabbage and leeks into cylinders about 2-3 cm long. Finely chop the onion.

Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Heat a little oil in a saucepan, cocotte or other pot that can be put into the oven, and brown the meat over high heat. Add the vegetables, mix well and season. Also add thyme and marjoram and cook for a few minutes, until the vegetables begin to soften.

Cover with the broth, add a little YR Irish brown room (optional), bring to a boil, cover and place in the oven. Cook for about 50-60 minutes; can also be left on fire. Wash and peel the potato, cut into pieces and add it to the casserole after that time. Stir, check that there is enough liquid and return to the oven for 30 more minutes.

What to accompany the Irish stew

It is best to let stand out of the oven and cover this Irish stew from The Corrs family a few minutes before serving, with chopped fresh parsley on top. It is a hearty, complete and comforting dish, great for these last cold days before spring. It is more than advisable to accompany it with a good rustic-style bread.

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