These are the 11 utensils that cannot be missing in your new kitchen


These are the 11 utensils that cannot be missing in your new kitchen. Whether you are going to become independent - in my case that ship has already sailed for years - or if you have a new kitchen or want to renew your kitchenware, these are the essential pots you must have in order to cook.

Of course, the list could be more extensive and we will be happy to see your proposals in the comments, but I believe that with these eleven utensils, you will not need more to start your culinary adventures.


In order to make our homemade broths, cook large stews and stews and also to be able to make pasta recipes we need a good large capacity saucepan. This saucepan or kettle of up to 9 liters that costs 32.99 euros seems a good choice.

For other types of cooking, to make our chicken stews or other foods, and for many recipes, it is very practical to have a low saucepan, and we liked this one from BRA with silicone handles that is also suitable for all types of fires and for the oven.

Whether to make Asturian bean stew, meat stews or a Madrid stew, quick pots are a fabulous option. My recommendation is that you choose a pot called duo, with two bases of different sizes and a common lid to make it more versatile. This Duo Quick pot from Monix seems to me the most interesting choice, taking advantage of its price of 60 euros a set.

We finish the cooking section with another very necessary utensil, the saucepan, ideal for heating soups, cooking eggs, reheating leftovers and many other needs. This professional-grade steel saucepan costs less than 20 euros and has enough capacity for many options in the kitchen.

We could also have included in this section a paella, a complete kitchen set, a cocotte and other ideal cooking utensils, but I think that with these four we can go calmly at the beginning. Do you propose any more that you consider necessary?

Pans, griddles and grills

For many recipes, -tortillas, scrambled eggs, sautéed, fried, etc- it is essential to have a good frying pan. Or almost better, a good set of pans of different sizes. As a starting pan, a medium-sized one is ideal, 22 cm in diameter, although it is preferable to have several. In Amazon you can find many pans made of aluminum, granite, iron, copper and other materials.There is so much variety that it is difficult to select just one. I have chosen the one I have at home, the Infinity by Bra, which is also valid for the oven since the handle is disassembled.

I also find it very practical to have a grill, carmela or ribbed pan, for those grilled recipes in which we like to see the marks in the food. I have a weakness for the cast iron LeCreuset, suitable for the oven and that despite its price that exceeds 100 euros, it is for life.

Baking in the oven

For both meat and fish roasts it is necessary to have a good baking dish. This is made of aluminum and comes with a grid that will allow you to grill food without being in contact with liquids. Really practical and only costs 23 euros.

For pastry recipes, there are many accessories, such as molds of various shapes, of different materials and of many sizes. Initially I have chosen this set of two molds to make cakes, since it is also valid for making savory cakes, custards, etc. and to choose only one, it seems the most practical. In addition, the game only costs 11.51 euros.

Practical utensils for all recipes

We finished our selection of 11 utensils to renew our kitchen with four very practical utensils that you will use practically every day. Every recipe begins by cutting or mincing the ingredients, so a good knife is absolutely essential. This set of Arcos with 5 knives of different sizes is perfect for all needs and with its tacoma support and all the pieces it costs less than 84 euros.

To make these cuts well, we will need a good board, so as not to damage our work surfaces or countertops. It will also be another utensil that you will use every day so here you should not skimp on quality. Among other options, this table with a tray to collect everything that we have chopped can be very useful and costs about 17 euros.

To remove impurities, another utensil that I use a lot is a strainer, or rather a set of strainers of different sizes. You will use it to drain food, strain broths, remove cream from milk and to separate solid elements from liquids, among many other uses. This set of three strainers for only 11.46 euros seems like a good option.

We finish with another essential utensil, the tuppers to store our food and take advantage of the leftovers, making sure that they will last in good condition in the fridge and freezer. I like this set of four glass containers with a tight lid that cost 26 euros.

With these 11 essential utensils to renovate a kitchen, I think it could survive a season but surely you can think of more to complete the list. Have you missed any?

Le Creuset - Rectangular Enamel Cast Iron Grill, 32cm, Cherry

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BRA Efficient 28cm Low Saucepan with Glass Lid and Silicone Handles with Teflon Platinum Plus Non-stick Induction Safe PFOA Free.

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Kopf Gigantos - Large Capacity Pot, Stainless Steel, Diameter 24 cm, Height 20 cm, 9 liters

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Monix Quick - Duo set of 4 and 6 liter pressure cookers

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BRA Profesional - Saucepan, 16 cm, 18/10 stainless steel

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BRA Infinity - Cast Aluminum Skillet, 22 cm

Today in amazon for € 37.90

Kitchen Craft Rectangular Oven Dish with Rack (Stainless Steel), Silver

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Arcos Universal - Block of 5 knives (5pzs)

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Jocca 1635 Bamboo Cutting Board with Tray, Brown, 27.5 cm

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Ipow Set Of 3 Very Fine Mesh Strainers Stainless Steel With Handle For Food And Vegetables, Measures 7cm, 12cm, 18cm

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GOURMETmaxx Z 01821, Glass Food Storage Containers, Silicone Sealing Ring, 4 cans and 4 Lids

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