Veal skirt cooked at low temperature with oriental lacquer. Recipe

A few days ago we prepared together the stuffed lamb recipe that Francis Refolio taught us in a workshop with products from Extremadura. Another one of the recipes we learned there was the one I used as a base to make at home this beef brisket cooked at low temperature with an oriental lacquer.

It is a delicious recipe, a real delicacy, which also has a very economical cost since skirt is a cheap meat that we normally use to cook or flavor broths. Do not miss this recipe that surely will appeal to all who are lucky enough to try it when you do it.

This piece, with its high level of fat infiltration, is delicious after long cooking at low temperature to achieve gelatinization of the fats, turning them into a kind of jelly or butter and leaving the meat so tender that it could almost be spread.

Ingredients for 6 people

  • 1 piece of beef brisket of approximately 2 kg, olive oil, salt, pepper, teriyaki sauce, oyster sauce, meat broth and cooking juices, green asparagus, black-purple rice

How to make beef brisket cooked at low temperature with oriental lacquer

To make the skirt, just put the piece of meat in a vacuum bag and cook in the sous vide at low temperature for 72 hours at 67º C. If you don't have a sous vide ovenYou can also vacuum-pack the meat and cook it in a saucepan with water placed in the oven at 80-90º so that it cooks until the collagen, fiber and other components of the meat are denatured until tender (about 4 hours will be enough, although it is much better with less temperature and more time).

After cooking, we open the vacuum bag, save the cooking juices and cut the skirt piece into ingots about 3 cm wide. The cut is really spectacular, pink and tender. To cut it is preferable that the meat is cold. To assemble the dish, we mark the meat until its surface is browned on a griddle or frying pan that is very hot. Then we add the cooking juices and three teaspoons of teriyaki dessert and another three teaspoons of oyster sauce, allowing it to cook and reduce well.

The trick for this meat to be perfect is to coat the meat continuously by covering it with sauce with a spoon, so that the surface of the meat is always covered. After about five minutes, the sauce thickens a lot, the meat darkens and takes on that bright color of the oriental lacquer.

As a garnish, some wild asparagus cut into three pieces and marked on the griddle and a bit of black purple rice that with its nutty flavor goes perfectly with this combination.

Processing time | Three days
Difficulty | Very easy


This low temperature cooked beef brisket with oriental lacquer is a delicious meat recipe and so tender that it frays just by looking at it. It is worth the wait to get an unforgettable second course, both in flavors and textures. Have you ever tried meat cooked at low temperature?

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