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The world of wine and fashion merge. That's right, five Spanish designers from the Pasarela Cibeles have designed, exclusively and inspired by the night of the equator of summer, the night of the stars, and its Riojan celebration: Las Noches de San Lorenzo 2007, the labels of five of the wines most prestigious in La Rioja.

This initiative is run by the government of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and Lavinia, an online store specializing in wines that will sell these products exclusively and in limited editions.

The designers in charge of making this exclusive collection of labels are: Antonio Alvarado, Carmen March, José Enrique Oña Selfa (LOEWE), Juanjo Oliva and Locking Shoking, and the wineries, respectively: López de Heredia, Viña Tondonia, Roda, La Rioja Alta SA, Muga and CVNE

Although the idea of ​​combining two worlds as glamorous as wine and fashion is great news that revitalizes both one sector and the other, the one that is done exclusively for a specialized store seems to me somewhat less fortunate. Exclusive distributions are often the perfect excuse to raise prices. Hopefully this is not the case.

And that Parker does not find out ...

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