We file the indoor home garden they use at MasterChef and find two cheaper alternatives on Amazon


One of the things I enjoy the most watching MasterChef is that I always discover the most original gadgets and small appliances. The last need that the Show culinario is an indoor home garden that all contestants had at their disposal in one of the individual events.

The program broadcast this past Tuesday night was focused on nature and responsible consumption to take care of the planet. And one of the details for this type of ecological kitchen that the contestants used was a small home garden, specifically Bosh's SmartGrow.

The device in question allows us to sow at home (indoors as well) and without taking up too much space, up to 6 plants at a time. A very interesting solution for those of us who do not have a terrace or garden and have always wanted to grow our own spices. Specifically, the model used by the contestants is the SmartGrow 6 that we find on the Bosh website for 249 euros.

This garden includes an automatic irrigation system and adequate lighting to ensure a perfect development of your plants, herbs and flowers. Of course, although you can grow up to 6 seeds at the same time, it is only prepared to admit 20 different types that are sold in capsule format on Bosh's own website. It also has a vacation mode so that our plants continue to be cared for for up to two weeks.

This Bosh SmartGrow is a purchase not suitable for all budgets, that is why we have two alternatives that we find on Amazon for much less:

  • The most sold on the web is this Smart Garden that we found for 56 euros, which also has automatic care (it even warns us if our plants need an extra supply of water). It has a capacity of 6 seeds and they do not depend on capsules to grow them, you can choose the ones you prefer without being tied to any selection imposed by the manufacturer (as in the case of Bosh)

amzWOW Smart Garden Indoor Garden 100% Eco, for Growing Aromatic Plants Bio Seeds, Natural Indoor Plants -LED light included - Dimensions 28.5 x 11.7 x 37 cm

RRP on Amazon € 56.00
  • Somewhat less economical is this AeroGarden Sprout with capacity for 3 types of seed that also works with the capsule system. You have it in two colors to choose from and it is on sale today for 89.95 70.40 euros.

AeroGarden Sprout - Smart garden indoor grow kit, 3 capsules, 10W, white

RRP in Amazon € 70.40 Some of the links published here are from affiliates. Despite this, none of the articles mentioned have been proposed either by the brands or by the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors.
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