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A few days ago autumn came and each change of season, not only entails changing the type of clothes that we choose to wear in the morning, but it also has to change the ingredients of our meals and, as we do not talk about clothes in DaP, we are going to talk best of autumn fruits.

Nowadays it is easy to find any fruit in the markets during any season of the year, we have become accustomed to traveling shipments from one end of the world to another, also to eating the fruit with less flavor because so that they do not spoil, the they take more greens than necessary and mature during their journey in cold rooms.

To avoid this, we have to know which are the seasonal fruits and vegetables that we have around us, getting to eat them with more flavor and better price.

To serve as a reminder, we are going to make a list of fruits that we can find and that are at their optimum during the fall.

  • Avocado: This tropical fruit can be bought throughout the year, although here they tend to be at their best from June to October.
  • Blueberry: Although it is not the most common in our market, we can find it in full season from July to December.
  • Persimmon: One of the autumnal fruit par excellence, it is almost impossible to find it out of season. From September to December
  • Sloe: Another fruit not too widespread, however well known thanks to the pacharan. Only during the months of September and October.
  • Granada: Another typical autumn fruit. From September to December.
  • Kiwi: Autumn and winter fruit, it is harvested during the months of October to March.
  • Lemon: Like the orange, they are fruits of cold weather, although they are all year round in greengrocers. From September to June.
  • Tangerine: Perhaps the most popular, it is both autumn and winter, so from the end of September to March they can be enjoyed.
  • Apple: Its natural season is from August to January.
  • Quince: It is used, almost exclusively, to make compotes, jams and the popular blocks of * sweet quince meat. From September to December.
  • Orange: From October to April is when they can best be bought.
  • Pear: At its best during the months of August to November, although we can also buy it at any time of the year.
  • Banana: They are sold throughout the year, but this fall is when they taste a little sweeter.
  • Grapefruit: It is at its best from late fall to late winter. From December to April.
  • Grape: We can find them throughout the year, but their natural season is autumn.

With this list it will not be difficult to pay attention to the health authorities and take three servings of fruits a day, but we are also going to take advantage of the benefits and nutritional properties of these fruits, which are the ideal ones to prepare our body for the cold looming.

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