Red fruits, ideal ingredients to add nutrients this season


If you are thinking of creating a sweet or a healthy dessert for these holidays, we give you the idea of ​​using red berries, since they are ideal ingredients to add nutrients this season, in addition to giving a lot of color and flavor to the dishes.

Red berries, nutritionally dense

We have already said that a good alternative to eat healthier is to count the nutrients in the food we eat, and red fruits, concentrate a variety of vitamins, minerals and other compounds that can benefit the health of the body.

In other words, red fruits are foods of high nutritional density that can help us enrich the quality of our dishes.

In strawberries, currants, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and other red fruits, we can find in addition to an intense color and a lot of flavor, a high percentage of vitamin C, as well as carotenes and vitamin E with antioxidant functions.

They are also a good source of flavonoids that have been associated with cardiovascular benefits and a lower risk of cancer in different studies.

Likewise, red fruits or berries are a source of calcium, potassium and B complex vitamins and have a high water content and low caloric intake, making them ideal for those who seek to take care of their health and eat healthy to lose weight.

As we can see, these small fruits so attractive to the eye and so tasty for the palate, they are nutritionally dense and have a lot to offer if we include them in our dishes.

Ideas to add red fruits to our dishes

In this season we can find fresh strawberries and strawberries or a variety of frozen red fruits that we can use to prepare our dishes and enjoy the benefits that these small fruits have to offer.

Some ideas to use them in the kitchen are:

  • As sauces for meats, for example, round veal with red berries or chicken breasts stuffed with berry sauce.
  • In various desserts, such as a compote of red fruits with fresh cheese or panacotta of yogurt and currants.

  • In fresh salads as a garnish or starters to a complete meal, for example, mango, ham and red fruit salad or light mango and blueberry salad.
  • As part of sweets and jams, we can make a baked red fruit jam and use this preparation to glaze cakes or decorate other types of sweet dishes.
  • In cakes or cakes we can include red fruits, for example, red fruit kolache or red fruit cake.

As you can see, red fruits allow many possibilities for inclusion in our dishes and are an excellent alternative to add nutrients this season.

They combine very well with meats and cheeses, although they are also an ideal ingredient to decorate, give flavor and color to many desserts, cakes and other similar preparations, therefore, we cannot stop including them in our recipes if we seek to increase the nutrients of the themselves.

And you, how do you include red fruits in your dishes?

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