Gadgets, robots and more kitchen tech on sale in Amazon's spring sales


From March 27 to April 7, Amazon celebrates its spring sales, with a multitude of discounts for home and outdoor activities, but also to renew many of our kitchen pots.

We have dived among the juiciest offers in this promotion to select the best discounts. Are these.

Mycook food processor

Perhaps the juiciest offering of the week is this Taurus Mycook multifunction food processor that grinds, pulverizes, grates, minces, shreds, chops, emulsifies, mounts, kneads, sautées, cooks, steams, makes broths, weighs and has a function Turbo. It works by induction and, therefore, transmits heat through the air and not by contact like resistors. Includes a printed cookbook with 250 recipes.

It is reduced by 50%: from 799 euros it goes to cost only 399 euros.

4.7L Crock-Pot with Digital Marker

It is the latest, and best-selling, model of the popular slow cooker, which includes a digital marker. Ideal for making stews and legumes (and in general any preparation that requires long cooking), it can be left running at night to find a classy stew in the morning.

It is reduced by 28% and stays at only 73 euros.

Foodsaver vacuum sealer

Great price for one of the best vacuum sealers from the prestigious Foodsaver brand. In addition to having a roll holder and cutter Integrated automatically seals the bags after cutting them, reducing time spent in the packaging process.

It is reduced by 30% and remains at only 179.9 euros.

Bosch Autocook food processor

Food processor with more than 50 preset programs that allow you to cook tasty recipes automatically. Actually, this robot is a programmable electric pressure cooker that cooks by induction and steam cooking, allowing many applications.

It is reduced by 30% and remains at only 209.99 euros.

WMF Perfect Fast Cooker

Super price for this fast cooker from the prestigious brand WMF with a diameter of 18 cm and a capacity of 2.5 L. The design is classic, but with all the current technology.

It has a discount of 48% and stays at only 69.99 euros.

Although the discount is less, there are also discounts for the rest of pots of the same model, of different dimensions.

Cecotec cold press blender

Blender with a cold press system that extracts more juice from fruits and vegetables, maintaining their natural properties and preventing oxidation. With its Canal XL you can introduce whole fruits and vegetables.

It is reduced by 30% and stays at only 69.99 euros.

Set of three pans BRA

Set of three cast aluminum pans with non-stick surface and 18, 22 and 26 cm in diameter. Dishwasher safe.

They have a discount of 47% and stay at only 59.99 euros.

Digital kettle

1.7L kettle that allows temperature control with LCD screen, ideal for saving time when cooking at low temperatures. It also has a heat maintenance function.

It is reduced by 30% and stays at only 29.90 euros.

750W Bosch Blender

Interesting price for this twelve-speed blender that includes a universal chopper, beater rod and graduated mixing glass.

It is reduced by 10% and remains at only 42.99 euros.

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