3,2,1 chocolate chip cookies. Recipe

If you have never made cookies because it seems difficult, or because you don't have time or because you think you have to have a lot of gadgets or gadgets, these 3,2,1 chocolate cookies are designed for you. The excuses are over, in less time than it takes to read the recipe you can have a tray of delicious cookies ready to go into the oven.

In addition, the recipe is already in the same name, although in this case chocolate complicates things a bit. Those three figures refer to the quantities of the ingredients, flour, butter and sugar. With this recipe you get some great butter cookies and to make them from chocolate you simply substitute part of the flour for cocoa.


  • 270g of flour, 30g of cocoa powder, 200g of butter at room temperature, 100g of sugar.
  • How to make 3,2,1 chocolate chip cookies

    We preheat the oven to 180º. We put all the ingredients in a bowl. We knead with our hands until we have a smooth dough, trying not to overdo the kneading. We prepare an oven plate with a silicone paper. We form balls the size of a walnut and we deposit them on the plate. We squash them a bit with a fork so that some grooves are marked on the surface. Bake for about 20 minutes. Once out of the oven we let them cool on a rack and when they are cold we keep them in an airtight box.

    Processing time | 30 minutes
    Difficulty | Easy


    The ideal company for these 3,2,1 chocolate chip cookies is a good glass of milk. I am sure that the smallest of the house will enjoy them very much both for breakfast and for snacks.

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