Carnival cookies

If you plan to have a carnival party at your home and you want to surprise your guests with succulent carnival cookies, nothing better than making this recipe. We will dress up the cookies in a funny way.

Of course, first you must choose what shape you want your sweets to have, you can choose the one you want, simply afterwards you must paint this figure on cardboard and then cut it out. In a sheet of breeze paste, you will place the template and cut out the figures you need, depending on how large the figure is, you will need more or less sheets of breeze paste. In this example we will use the figure of a cat, we have already cut the necessary cats and we make two small holes that represent the eyes. On each figure we are going to place a dough cord around its outline and we will unite it to the pasta with a brush and water. We will fill the cat's face with jam, we don't like strawberry and orange cookies for these cookies, but you can use the one you like the most.

We put the cookies in the oven preheated to 170 degrees and cook 15 minutes, to finish the cat cookies we cut a triangle for the nose and some strips for the whiskers with orange peel and we can already serve these delicious carnival cookies.

If there are little ones at the costume party, they will enjoy these pretty cookies, but we will all enjoy the delicious taste that homemade cookies provide.

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