Vampire claws for Halloween. Recipe


I must admit that I have never been to make recipes "animated", I am more classic. But it must be having little ones that I like more and more to make these types of recipes, which in addition to being simple turn out to be very fun to make and eat. Today for example I have made some vampire claws for Halloween.

Vampire claws are really nothing more than rolled ham and tomato sandwiches. As simple as that. Now, the touch of the bloody nail is what gives it the touch necessary to be a terrifying recipe.

Ingredients for 1 coat

  • 5 slices of sliced ​​bread, 1 tomato, 2 slices of ham, a little butter, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

How to make vampire claws for Halloween night

We cut the edges to the slices of bread. We crush the slices of bread with a rolling pin and rub half a tomato through them.

Then we add a little extra virgin olive oil, a little salt and a little chopped ham.

We roll the slices of bread, making some earrings. And we cut triangles from the tomato that we will put on one of the ends of the rolled sandwiches, introducing them into the bread a little.

The slice that remains is to make the palm of the hand. We will only have to cut a circle and assemble the hand. One of the circles we cut in two, to make the smallest fingers of the hand.

Processing time | 10 minutes
Difficulty | Easy


Those of you who expect a terrifying taste of these vampire claws for Halloween hope I don't disappoint you, because they are terrifyingly good. Although the best thing is to see the faces of the little ones when they see them at the table.

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