Gas stations, new gourmet shops?

The truth is that for years I associated gas station stores with the hackneyed little bottles of Winss, and if anything with some chamois to clean the windows. Little by little, things became serious and they began to sell more items, placing the packaged sandwich and the ice pack as undisputed stars in the ranking. So far, everything more or less normal, yes, at very high prices, petrol station.

Lately I have noticed a fact that I do not know if it is something isolated or happens in other service stations, and that is that when I refuel at one of the gas stations on the road that leads to the town where I live, when I go to pay I usually get He doubts if I'm in a delicatessen, a fancy greengrocer, or donating sixty euros of diesel.

In one of them, invariably whenever I take out my wallet to loosen the bill (this morning without going any further) the charming employee tells me: we have the oranges on sale, would you like to bring a box? I pinch myself, puzzled, trying to locate myself, I look where he indicates me and I see a bunch of oranges lying in a wooden box, round, orange and smooth. I hardly find such specimens in greengrocers. I have never bought them, it always hurts me to walk around Madrid with a box of oranges in the trunk, but I think that just to clear doubts, it is already playing.

And back ... the return is tremendous. When I return home with the tank emitting rales, with only a few drops of diesel inside it, I go into the corresponding gas station and after hanging up the hose, I know what is going to happen. Tahona bread bars, they talkative, who say eat me with sensuality; sausages dull in oil, loin of daggerboard, and some sweets to remove the sense. The pan flowers have managed to mount in my car on more than one occasion, but not in the trunk, no, sitting next to me, I almost put my seat belt on, lest they suffer me on the way.

And I wonder, since we can pour gasoline in the hypermarket, will we end up doing the purchase at the gas station?

Image via | Luisvilla on Flickr
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