Gastón Acurio in Madrid Fusion


The third day of Madrid Fusión had as a guest star Gastón Acurio. For those who do not know him, we can say that Gastón Acurio is one of the most prestigious chefs in Latin America and also one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world of gastronomy.

Surely this can give us a somewhat cold vision of him, but the interview they did in the Madrid Fusión auditorium served to bring everyone closer to the brilliant career, but above all the global vision that Gastón Acurio has of what gastronomy can do to transform the society of his country, Peru. Not to mention what it can do to transform the reality of Latin American society.

Peruvian cuisine, engine of change

Here we can see a very interesting video about the food that was served the last day at Madrid Fusión in which Gastón Acurio gives us his vision of the importance that Latin American cuisine will have in the coming years, and more and more.

Peruvian cuisine is in fashion all over the world, that is undoubted. And every day it gains followers. Especially the type of cuisine that blends its roots with other European or Asian ones. Gastón Acurio has managed to collect all those sensations to create a cuisine that revolutionizes his country. For example, I was pleasantly impressed by the fact that the political sphere of your country seems to be concerned about whether it occurs to Gastón to stand in the presidential elections.

This can give us an image of how important their ideas of change and transformation are and how cooking helps thousands of young people find themselves in an occupation, leaving the streets and spending their time on something important that fulfills them as people, created good professionals for an important sector in your country.

The firm Astrid & Gastón, its restaurant in Peru, has multiplied, both inside and outside the borders of Peru. It has been located in almost all the capitals of Latin America and has also reached Europe. And not only with its restaurants, also in a cafeteria format, Tanta, which it has opened in Madrid and soon in Barcelona. A business that, globally, has a turnover of around 100 million dollars.

Its cuisine is a fusion between cultures but it is also the proof that the most popular cuisine can reach a luxury restaurant. Popular roots, simplicity is what, mainly, we can appreciate from his words. At the Pachacutec Cooking School, managed by him in the poorest neighborhood of Lima, he has many students who walk for hours to arrive and study a profession that will set them free tomorrow. It is when we realize that cooking is much more than that, just cooking.

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