Strawberry gazpacho, the best fruity flavored gazpacho


In summer I love cold soups and of course one of the most common at home is gazpacho. For a change and not always taking it the same way making it with our traditional recipe, from time to time I love making some variations, one of the ones I like the most is this strawberry gazpacho recipe.

The fruity flavor of the strawberry combines wonderfully with the rest of the ingredients and the result is a more refreshing gazpacho and something sweet that the little ones like a lot, being very good to introduce them in this type of summer dishes.


For 6 people
  • Tomato 500 g
  • Cucumber 0.5
  • Italian green pepper 0.5
  • Strawberry 500 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 90 ml
  • Sherry vinager 20 ml
  • Loaf bread 50 g
  • Water to taste to adjust thickness
  • Salt to taste

How to make strawberry gazpacho

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 20 m
  • Elaboration 20 m

As in all gazpachos, we start by chopping the tomatoes, the peeled cucumber and without the ends and the pepper. Put everything in a bowl with the stale bread moistened in water and let it marinate for half an hour, with the vinegar and a little salt.

Meanwhile, we are removing the peduncle of the strawberries and chop them into pieces. Blend the vegetables in the bowl in the blender. Then, add the strawberries to the blender and grind a little more, adding the olive oil by the thread and trying knitting.

When it is to our liking, we refine the contents of the blender by passing the result through a fine strainer, where the skins and seeds that may exist will remain. We keep cold until serving time.

If you want to make a garnish to serve separately, you can accompany it with croutons, diced strawberries and tomato pieces. The pepper and cucumber, which are also common garnishes, do not go to this strawberry gazpacho.

With what to accompany the strawberry gazpacho

We serve our strawberry gazpacho very cold in glasses or individual glasses, which we will decorate with a strawberry that we will have cut to fit the edge of the glass. We must have this very cold gazpacho.

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