We taste the Spanish blue wine that has become famous throughout the world


A few days ago I received information about the existence of Gik, a blue wine without tasting rules and logically it caught my attention since until now, the wine was white or red, with some intermediate tones such as clarets, pinks and other tones more or less golden.

Delving into the information, I found it amusing to know that the wine had this peculiar color on purpose since it is actually a wine to which some vegetable pigments are added to cause its peculiar almost indigo color, reminiscent of blue curaçao.

In reality, you could almost say that wine is very blue in the bottle and when served, but in the glass, you can see it blue or see it red depending on the angle you look at or photograph.

On their website, the creators of this wine claim that they have achieved it after two years of research and the help of two food technology organizations. It is a product launched by six young Spaniards who have created a wine as different from the usual as its color, to make it a wine without rules.

No red for meat and white for fish. Blue wine ends this discussion and is valid for all dishes and for all tastes. This blue wine is produced and bottled in different wineries and for its production it uses different types of grapes, even mixing reds and whites, so it cannot be classified in a category.

We tested it

Obviously this wine will not be in a Peñín guide nor will it be the object of study by expert tasters, but the idea seemed so fun and daring that I decided to try it, both alone and in the company of some friends, people not related to gastronomy that engaged in other occupations of all kinds.

The first reaction, just seeing the wine, was one of great anticipation. You have to try it. And after serving it, toasting and having the first drink, the first surprise came. The wine is sweet, smooth and easy to drink. As a slightly fruity white wine, the wine "goes in" very well, but leaves a very interesting flavor and memory in the mouth.

He almost ordered another drink, and another, and in a moment, the bottle that we had distributed in eight glasses, has finished. When I ask them about their experience, they all tell me that they love to have a drink as an aperitif, that it is better to serve it colder (like whites) and that the truth is that it was delicious.

My opinion matches that of my friends. It is a curious and fun product to use at friends' gatherings as an initial element to break the ice or disinhibit, and it is also delicious. It is not necessary to look for more reasons to try it and each one to draw their own conclusions.

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