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In the second installment of this cooking glossary we are going to know some definitions of terms that begin with the letter B. It is always clear, trying to answer terms that we generally use in the kitchen and that may be susceptible to not being known.

As always, and given the amount of terms that we have at our disposal, if you see that one is not included and you think it should be included, you have nothing more than to leave it in a comment and I will update the list.

Bath. Cover a cloth with a liquid substance, sauce, syrup or jam, thick enough to cover or soak it.

Water bath. We have two definitions. The first, in a container much higher than the diameter, with a handle or small handles, which is used to contain juices, sauces, etc. The second, we have a container with hot water that serves to contain previously mentioned "baths" and thus preserve its temperature.

Shake. Shake vigorously, with a rod or mixer, a material until it acquires a certain consistency or desired density.

Whiten. Boil a product to remove the bad taste (bitter, green, etc.). It applies to vegetables, frozen products, etc.

Bolear. In bakery it is the action of making a dough.

Bouquet-garni. (photo) It is an aromatic bouquet composed of bay leaf, thyme and parsley, wrapped in green leek. Other flavorings can also be added.

Brest. Cooking method generally used for tough meats, slowly and for a long time. The cooking is accompanied with vegetables and liquid elements to promote cooking.

Flange. Tie a fabric so that it does not lose its shape during cooking.

Brounoise. It is a very fine chop in vegetables.

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