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Specialization in almost all subjects, and the world of wine is not an exception, forces us to use a series of words that many times are not understood by people outside the specialty. And not so alien. Sometimes even insistent and recalcitrant fans are resistant to some terms. Other times, simple curiosity leads us to consult dictionaries and glossaries of terms.

For this we have numerous paper dictionaries. In any library we will find examples.

But we can also use the internet. Indeed, consulting the doubtful or misunderstood word in any generic search engine will immediately give us examples of its use or even its definition. In addition to this, there are several websites that have glossaries of terms from the world of wine.

Today, as examples of curious and perhaps little-known words, I would like to talk to you about these:

Pie Franco: The arrival of phylloxera in Europe at the end of the 19th century led to the spread of the greatest plague in the history of viticulture. The European strains were not resistant to the action of this insect and they succumbed en masse. The solution was to uproot the vines and replant them as grafts on a pest resistant foot. This foot was called American due to its origin. Thus, today, most European vines are planted on American foot, resistant to phylloxera. But there are still vines scattered in some places with their original, pre-phylloxera foot, the frank foot.

Envero: It is called in this way at the beginning of the ripening process of the grape when it begins to color. The white grape, until then green, acquires yellowish tones and the ink is filled with purplish spots that spread over its entire surface until the grain darkens.

Partridge's Eye: In this case, it is not about the entire eye apparatus of a bird but its color. It is a light pink with copper tones. It is usually very common in champagnes made with red grapes, especially with Pinot Noir. In non-sparkling wines we can also find examples although they are less common. There is in Switzerland a regulated mention called "oeil de perdrix" to name these rosés.

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