Glutenfreelist, an app to identify gluten free foods

It can be said that there are apps for everything, and in matters of gastronomy, there are many technological supports that make our lives easier. If it can be comfortable to consult the vintage of a wine or we can have fun noticing what we eat, in the field of health and food intolerances, this help becomes necessary and is greatly appreciated.

Celiac disease or celiac disease is an autoimmune disease caused by intolerance to a protein present in gluten. Celiacs must be scrupulous when it comes to avoiding gluten in their diet, something that is not always easy, especially in the first moments after being aware that they suffer from the disease. Until now, they had lists provided by the different associations as help and guidance when making the purchase.

Glutenfreelist is a consultation application on products suitable for a gluten-free diet, and aims to provide facilities in this regard, providing a convenient and agile tool that can be consulted at any time. The interface is very simple, with a search engine format.

The main screen offers two search options, a simple one in which when entering the generic name of the product, different query options appear, which, when clicking on them, define the brand and approval stamps, in charge of FACE ( Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain) and the manufacturer.

Perhaps at first glance this option is somewhat cumbersome, since we can find a first list of products with the same generic name, on which we must press until we find the desired brand. Once on this screen, we can use the search engine to further refine the results. The second option promises an extended search defined by different parameters such as the brand, the group or the category in which the products are framed.

The application is free, it does not need a data connection to function, and it is available for different media, being able to use it on smartphones with Android, IOS, or Blackberry systems (download from the web).

We would like celiac readers who use this application to enrich this post with your opinions about it, since this is written from the perspective of a person who does not experience celiac disease in the first person. Your opinion is important. Has it been practical and easy to use?

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