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I don't consider myself a big fan of British food, but the same doesn't happen to me with pastries. I love to see those English patisseries full of delicious sweets, cakes with fruit and small cupcakes each more elaborate.

So with the prestige that the gastronomy magazine Good Food has, every time I see that a book on sweets is published, I am there first to take it home, although later I have to select some of the interesting recipes, so as not to overload myself with the big ones butter that the British often use in making their cakes.

Today I present the latest book from this house that I made myself, 201 Perfect cakes and bakes, which, as its name suggests, is full of recipes for cakes and baked goods, which promise to always turn out well.

The work consists of almost 200 pages where, divided into six chapters, it deals with the different recipes for cakes and small cakes. It begins with a chapter of so typical British fruit cakes for breakfast, with an abundance of recipes that use blueberries, currants, rhubarb, but also apple and lemon.

Almost all recipes are accompanied by photographs of different sizes where they give us suggestions of sauces and accompaniments that suit the prepared cakes. Two hundred and one recipes tested up to three times, as the book says on its cover, to get lost and not know which one to choose.

The next chapter deals with breads and biscuits for tea time, as well as small take-out biscuits in the form of squares and almost as bites. Here I have discovered great ideas to put into practice because I find that format very comfortable and of which I hope to bring you a recipe soon.

As it could not be missing, a section dedicated entirely to cupcakes and muffins, with many ideas not only of formulas to make them, but also for the decorations of the toppings and chords according to the filling they carry inside.

The next two chapters cover cookie and cookie recipes. Classic recipes that range from butter shortbread to typical German cookies, through all kinds of preparations with a multitude of ingredients. The penultimate chapter ends with recipes for fruit bars for a snack, very easy to prepare and almost all made with dehydrated fruits and whole grains.

Finally, a section dedicated to cakes, the famous British fruit pies and tartlets. It should be noted that each chapter always has a recipe related to the different holidays that are celebrated throughout the year, be it Halloween, Advent, Christmas, but also children's birthday cakes and other celebrations.

In summary, this 201 Perfect Cakes and Bakes book, even though it is in English, is easily followed without knowing much of the language, the recipes are not very extensive as they specify what is the essence of the formula and little else, without using a language British colloquial nor complicated.

It can serve, if you like British pastry, as a complete extension of the work that I presented to you the other day, A sweet in London, and most importantly, I have already prepared quite a few recipes from him, always with success and without having found fault with amounts and explanations.

Good Food, 201 Perfect Cakes and Bakes

BBC Books ISBN 978-1849901437 Language: English 15.20 euros

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