Severe droughts raise the price of food


Lately it seems that I am more worried than usual about the food issue and the fact is that little encouraging news does not stop happening that only increase my unease. If we add that in recent days it is also announced that the price of food is rising due to severe droughts, things seem to get worse at times.

The lack of rain added to the unprecedented high temperatures in the United States and in Eastern Europe, together with the intense droughts in many other areas, have triggered the price of some essential crops in our diet.

Between June and July, the values ​​of corn and wheat increased by 25% and that of soybeans by 17% percent. This serious deterioration of the corn and soybean crops in the United States, wheat in Russia, and sugar and rice in India puts upward pressure on international prices, and brings to mind the food crisis of 2007 and 2008 that caused social unrest in more than 30 countries.

In Spain, specifically, the drought means that oil has become 40% more expensive in recent weeks. According to forecasts, if there are no rains in September, the sharp rise in oil prices at source will mean a return to profitability in the olive sector and a headache for many housewives.

Probably, and if things do not improve, we will also notice the rapid rise in price of bread and manufactured cereals in general, as well as meats due to the increase in the price of feed with which the animals are fed. In the end, everything is a chain and the rise of a basic product intrinsically entails the increase of all its derivatives.

We will see how far this rise in food prices due to the great droughts takes us. I wish and hope that the most vulnerable countries are not as affected as ever and that the World Bank's aid arrives as soon as possible.

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