Halloween and the madness of the kitchens


If there is something that we fans of the kitchen love is to get on the bandwagon of any holiday to play a little between ingredients. Halloween releases like no other the madness of the kitchens, and every year we see more original ideas, between fun and terrifying, both for sweets and savory dishes. The examples in this selection show that creativity has no limits, although some of them almost cross the line of reason.

On the net you can see many attempts at Halloween dishes that try to capture the spirit of the party by imitating all kinds of unpleasant things, but here we have focused on different and well-managed ideas. If some arouse repulsion, it is more for the perfection of their details than for being purely unpleasant, but there are also other very creative proposals that do not have to shut us down.

Cemetery for dipping nachos

The hodgepodge of indeterminate ingredients to make weirdly colored thick sauces are very helpful on Halloween. You don't have to try too hard or be an artist to get the result you want, something that reminds you of anything unpleasant - preferably body substances or rotten things. But you can also do something more stylish that is not ugly, without losing the scary factor.

In this example, a very neat cemetery has been recreated in a bowl with tomato sauce designed for dipping or dip nachos, crackers or vegetables. It is made up of several layers of various ingredients and taco tortillas have been used to cut out tombstones and even a tree. Original and appetizing.

Link | Chickabug

Pannacotta brain

If you invest in a good brain-shaped mold, you have a whole world of culinary possibilities to celebrate Halloween. Although the truth is that the consistency of gelatinous sweets, with their typical color and texture, perhaps too much resembles the human organ for the most sensitive palates. However, this brain pannacotta has to be delicious.

It is an update of the typical dessert using cream, milk and vanilla, set with gelatin in the said mold. The jelly-like texture is great for recreating brains, but the staging enhances it even more. A red fruit sauce, enhanced with coloring, and a properly inserted knife complete the rugged dessert.

Link | Not quite Nigella

Glow-in-the-dark cupcakes

Want to really impress your guests without having to model monsters or prepare unsightly recipes? The typical cupcakes may be the solution. With the flavor you prefer and the decoration more or less worked, you can leave family and friends with their mouths open using a simple trick: a topping that glows in the dark.

It's actually very easy, since the idea is that it shines under a black light. This lighting consists of lamps that emit ultraviolet radiation and create very striking effects by making white colors - actually fluorescent colors - shine. To make your cupcakes shine like these you just have to use tonic water with quinine and some light coloring, better with neon tones.

Link | Recipe Snobs

Bloody heart jelly

It must be recognized that if we seek to imitate human organs, gelatin is the best material for this. Sometimes the result can get a bit out of hand when it comes to realism, and this holy heart is a good example of this.

We have a naturalistic replica of the real appearance of a heart, without its arteries and veins, well drenched in a reddish sauce or syrup that simulates blood too well. It only lacks a small mechanism inside that simulates the heartbeat to finish giving bad vibes.

Enlae | Emergency Fan

Zombie mouth cupcakes

The zombie theme is still in fashion and his followers are in luck when Halloween arrives. It is the ideal time to take the hobby to the culinary world and that nobody looks at you strangely for it, or at least not too much. With a little imagination and skill you can make fancy things like these terrifying cupcakes.

Show that a cupcake doesn't have to be always cuqui using fondant and food coloring to model a terrifying undead mouth on the cupcake batter. The step by step does not seem very difficult, and the end result is worthy of admiration. Although to eat it I would remove all the decoration, why fool us.

Link | Instructables

Haunted house cake

You can also choose the large format and decorate a good cake as you like, in a more or less chilling way. We have already seen some examples in the most geeky wedding cakes, for example imitating some classic horror movies, but not everything has to be limited to fondant and sugar paste.

This chocolate cake is really impressive because of its final assembly, which is actually committed to simplicity by not using very strange materials to make the decoration. The base is a round cake with two or more floors covered in chocolate cream, and decorated with chocolate cookies that have been shaped like an enchanted house, trees and tombstones. With liquorice, sunflower seeds, chocolate nougat and a light behind, the final effect is spectacular.

Link | Martha Stewart

Puff pastry intestines

Granted, they are not exactly the most palatable organ when it comes to food, but if it triumphs on American networks it is because of its simplicity and excellent results. With a puff pastry, red food coloring and filling to taste, you can prepare a source of rich sweet or savory intestines ideal for any Halloween party.

I think that a filling based on minced meat - or vegetarian equivalent - with tomato sauce is the most suitable for this preparation, although we can opt for something sweet if we fancy sweet. It is necessary to try to roll the dough well, that the filling does not come out and place it with some grace in a source. A little egg and food coloring will give the final touch.

Link | The Knead 4 Speed

Brain Jelly Shots

Gelatin shots are a great addition to any party - although somewhat dangerous if they are too rich - so you could not miss their version creepy. A few brain casts are all the special stuff we need to mimic this idea of ​​quite naturalistic result.

The mixture of vodka and liqueurs with condensed milk achieves a very suitable color to imitate the gelatinous substance of the brains, and a raspberry-based filling completes these edible shots.

Link | Wikihow

Brownies with wounds

Cupcakes are not the only treat that can be dressed up for the occasion. Cutting ordinary brownies into a special shape, like a coffin, can add to the feast of the dead and monsters. But this confectioner has chosen to go the way of the ugly and unpleasant, proving once again that fondant is not only good for colorful and nerdy sweets.

Dyed properly, the sweet paste can mimic human skin - or some monster - and with some modeling and coloring it can be filled with more or less bloody wounds, scars, spots and scabs. Serving them on a cloth stained with red paint also helps set the mood.

Enace | Not Quite Nigella

Vampire cocktail

Any party or gathering of friends with the excuse of Halloween should offer drinks consistent with the rest of the banquet. Sometimes we forget about them and do not add them to the theme of the event, but Halloween is offered to also play a little with the drinks, alcoholic or not.

These vampire cocktails are somewhat gore, as their author puts it, but they seem delicious. It is a combination of vodka, soda, amaretto and orange zuno to which is added a homemade raspberry syrup, but the grace is in the how. The red liquid is available in disposable syringes to be added at the time of tasting, creating a very striking effect.

Link | Self Proclaimed Foodie

Brain cake

It's a bit twisted to transform the elegant and delicate beauty of the Red Velvet cake - or Red Velvet - into a wildly realistic bloody brain. But on Halloween everything is allowed, and the spookier and more unpleasant the result, the better.

The best thing is that you don't need any special mold to prepare this cake, just some skill with the knife and spatula to shape the brownie and to shape the fondant. A good bath of seedless raspberry jam and some surgical props add the indispensable finishing touch.

Link | How to Cake it

Cheese zombie head

Caravels give me a very bad feeling, I can't help it. I don't know if I'd feel like slathering my crackers in this cream cheese, but it certainly serves its purpose. The creator gives us two different models to inspire our creativity, and the truth is that it serves us both for Halloween and for a meeting to see The Walking Dead.

The trick is to use a base plastic skull, which at this time can be found in any store. Then you just have to prepare a cream cheese mixture to your liking, adding aromas and coloring before covering the doll completely. A little blue or green can create the effect of rotten veins, pickled onions can make great eyes, and some red sauce will serve as blood. Again, imagination to power.

Link | Not Marta

Do kitchens go too crazy when it comes to preparing themed food for a certain party? I think it is part of the charm that certain special occasions have, but it is true that Halloween unleashes the most surprising creativity, becoming unpleasant in some cases. Do you like cute ideas with funny monsters or more terrifying and gore examples?

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