Jamie Oliver beef and marrow burger recipe with piquillo peppers


Today's recipe is a beef and marrow burger with piquillo peppers that I prepared in imitation of the burgers I bought at Barbecoa Butchery, Jamie Oliver's butcher shop that I discovered on a trip to London. Seeing them on the counter I could not resist the temptation to buy them and I have to admit that they were magnificent.

When preparing my version of Jamie Oliver's burgers, to maintain their British essence and inspiration I have seasoned them with cheddar cheese although I could not resist adding a few piquillo peppers for a Spanish touch. This fusion of ingredients has worked perfectly. I tell you how to prepare my version of those hamburgers.


For 2 persons
  • Minced beef 350 g
  • veal or cow marrow 75 g
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Dijon mustard one tablespoon
  • Cheddar cheese four slices
  • Piquillo peppers 4
  • Hamburger 'bread 2
  • Lettuces mixed to taste
  • Tablespoons mayonnaise 2

How to Make Beef and Marrow Jamie Oliver Burgers with Piquillo Peppers

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time 20 m
  • Elaboration 12 m
  • Cooking 8 m

Since we don't have Jamie Oliver's burgers on hand and when I ate them I liked them so much, I've decided to make the homemade burgers on my own. The hamburgers that I bought in London were 1/2 pound, - about 220 grams -, so to make them similar I have used the amounts indicated in the ingredients that more or less total 440 grams.

Once we have mixed the beef with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl, we form the hamburgers without working them too much so that they are natural. If you want, you can do it with a plating ring but you can also make two balls and flatten them a little with the palm of your hand, giving them their ideal shape.

We heat the griddle or grill and when it is smoking we put the hamburgers on it after brushing them lightly with olive oil. After two minutes, we turn the burgers and cover the cooked part with two slices of cheddar cheese, letting them wrap the meat while they melt.

We toast the breads so that they have more resistance, spread the bottom with a little mayonnaise and cover with some lettuce leaves. On the grill we put the piquillo peppers so that they warm up and have a more pleasant flavor.

We assemble the hamburgers by placing the meat and cheese on the lettuce and the piquillo peppers on top of them so that they cover their entire surface. If desired, they can be seasoned with ketchup, mustard, or barbecue sauce to taste.

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