Lamb burgers with yogurt sauce, ideal for dinner

Typically the Christmas period is the time of year when we eat the most lamb meat as cutlets and shoulder chops are regular recipes for big eats and family feasts. Today I want to propose you a very special recipe, made with minced lamb meat. It is the lamb burgers with yogurt sauce, ideal for dinner.

For better use and to get a better price, I usually buy the lamb by means and thus I take a shoulder, a leg, and a rib or steak. With the meat from the skirt area, just below the chops, I ask the butcher to chop it and with that minced lamb meat, I make Moroccan-style meatballs, or I prepare these original burgers that are always very successful at home, since we make them without ketchup or mustard and instead we use a delicious mixture of yogurt and aromatic herbs.


For 2 persons
  • Minced meat of lamb 300 g
  • Plain yogurt 200 ml
  • Fresh mint
  • Parsley or if you prefer, fresh coriander
  • Tomato to taste
  • Lettuce mixed to taste
  • Hamburger 'bread
  • Ras el hanout optionally 2 g

How to make a lamb burger with a yogurt sauce

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 15 m
  • Elaboration 5m
  • Cooking 10 m

The first thing is to form the minced meat burgers. I only use meat and a little salt and mix with my hands. Then I make balls that I crush lightly with my hands to shape a hamburger. I leave them at room temperature for 40 minutes so that the meat and salt are compacted and the meat does not crumble. Optionally, you can add spices Ras el Hanout if you want to give your burgers a more Moroccan flavor.

In a very hot griddle that I leave on the fire with a pinch of oil for 5 minutes before using it, I make the hamburgers allowing them to cook 4 minutes on each side, -depending on the thickness and weight of your hamburgers- and while they are made, I will preparing the yogurt sauce and preparing the garnish of the lamb burgers.

To make the sauce, chop the herbs used well and mix them in a bowl with the yogurt, beating to make it very light and creamy and full of herb shavings. For the garnish, I cut the tomatoes into slices and cut the lettuces into small pieces. I also prepare some green pepper rings and some cherrys to complete the dish.

To assemble the hamburgers, toast the hamburger buns lightly on the griddle, place the lettuce and tomato mixture on the base and place the hamburger on them. On the meat, we pour a tablespoon of the yogurt sauce and bring to the table, with the rest of the sauce aside for those who want to serve more.

With what to accompany the lamb burgers with yogurt sauce

As is usually recommended with all fast food dishes, it is best to accompany the lamb burgers with yogurt sauce with a good salad so as not to increase the caloric intake. This mushroom, walnut and pomegranate carpaccio is perfect to complete a menu.

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