Creamy pineapple and coconut ice cream. Recipe

When summer is coming, but before it starts is when I feel like ice cream and popsicles and that's why I have started to prepare homemade recipes for ice cream, sansas and full of flavor. Thus, we begin the season with this creamy pineapple and coconut ice cream, with which I open the ice cream season at home.

Actually, this ice cream is as simple as preparing a smoothie with the ingredients, a smoothie that we will then freeze, stirring from time to time to avoid the formation of crystals. A very simple way to enjoy on hot days.

Ingredients for approximately 1 liter of ice cream

  • 1 ripe pineapple, 1 can of coconut milk

How to make creamy pineapple and coconut ice cream

We start by opening the pineapple in half, peeling it and cutting its meat into small pieces. We have to use a fresh pineapple, since those sold in canned food are not suitable for making ice creams since, in general, they have more water.

In a blender we put the pineapple pieces and cover them with the contents of the coconut milk can, crushing the whole for about five minutes to get a homogeneous puree in which there are no stumbling blocks.

We dump the content into a large tupper and put it in the freezer, where we will leave it for at least three hours, taking into account that we will stir every 15 minutes with a fork or with some rods, to avoid ice crystals from forming.

If you have an ice cream machine, it is as simple as pouring the liquid into the bucket and starting the machine until the creamy ice cream is formed, at which point you can already store it in the freezer.

We serve in waffle tulips, decorating the ice cream with pieces of biscuit and some mint leaves that will give the contrast of freshness to our ice cream. You will surely like the creaminess of coconut milk and the unmistakable flavor of pineapple.

Processing time | 15 minutes plus rest
Difficulty | Very easy


Homemade ice creams made from pineapple are great to top off homemade or family meals, as well as a great way to grab more fruit for dessert or snack time. This creamy pineapple and coconut milk ice cream will please everyone at home, you will confirm it to me.

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