Vietnamese coffee ice cream. Recipe

I found the recipe for this Vietnamese coffee ice cream in David Lebovitz's book, The Perfect Scoop, and as the author explains, he was inspired by the coffee he usually drinks in that country and which consists of a glass of condensed milk that is served covered with a kind of individual coffee maker to make the coffee directly on the glass, finally, once the coffee and milk are mixed, ice is added.

Ice cream could not be easier to make, since it does not have egg-based cream, so once you have made the coffee it only takes a couple of minutes without counting the freezing time. And for the little work it gives, the result could not be more delicious: creamy and sweet with a mild coffee flavor. We have loved it and I think it will be one of the fixed of the summer.

Ingredients for 1 liter of ice cream

  • 600g condensed milk, 375ml espresso or strong moka coffee maker, 65ml milk, 65ml cream, one teaspoon ground coffee
  • How to make Vietnamese coffee ice cream

    Mix the condensed milk with the cream in a bowl, add the coffee and the ground coffee and mix well. Let cool in the refrigerator and when it is very cold put it in the refrigerator until it is frozen.

    To do it without a refrigerator, we put it in a container and put it in the freezer, take it out more or less every hour and stir well, repeating this operation until it has the right consistency.

    Preparation time | 10 minutes plus freezing time
    Difficulty | Easy


    This Vietnamese coffee ice cream is ideal as a dessert and as a substitute for post-meal coffee. If you want to avoid the exciting effect of coffee or children are going to drink it, you can do it with decaffeinated coffee.

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