Oreo cookie ice cream, recipe for lovers of famous cookies


We really like to experiment in the kitchen, without leaving the classic, to tell the truth, but doing tests in the kitchen is the most fun. To prepare the Oreo cookie ice cream recipe, we came up with several possibilities: with cream cheese, with the classic English cream or by introducing the fat in a simpler way and being faithful to the flavor we wanted to achieve.

Well, we finally decided on the simplest option for everyone, as you will see in the ingredients and the preparation, so we hope you will be encouraged to do it at home, whether you have an ice cream maker or not, since we give you some guidelines and tips for leave it perfect.


For 4 people
  • Yolk 2
  • Liquid cream 200 ml
  • Condensed milk 90 kg
  • Whole milk 50 ml
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • Oreo cookies 100 g

How to make Oreo cookie ice cream

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 15 m
  • Cooking 15 m
  • Repose 8 h

Put the egg yolks, the cream, the condensed milk, the whole milk, the vanilla and half of the Oreo cookies into the blender glass. If we do not have an ice cream maker, we will set the cream aside and whip it to add it at the end.

We blend everything until we obtain a homogeneous cream. The other half of the cookies will be used to add pieces to the ice cream when it is semi-done. We will also reserve a couple to decorate if we wish.

If we are going to make the ice cream with a machine, we cool the mixture for a few hours before making the ice cream. Then we transfer the result to a túper, cover with baking paper, cover and leave in the freezer for a couple of hours before consuming it.

If we make the Oreo cookie ice cream by hand, as I said above, we whip the cream separately and add it carefully once we have the ingredients crushed. We freeze and beat every so often so that ice crystals do not form.

With what to accompany the Oreo cookie ice cream

For homemade ice creams, I don't like great accompaniments since they are a delight by themselves. In the case of this Oreo cookie ice cream, I would not put more than one cookie to decorate, more than something else, since the ice cream itself has some or other pieces, and we should not overdo it and make it heavy.

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