We have tested the Oster Reversible blender


For more than two months I have had the opportunity to use and test the Oster Reversible blender, a glass blender, specifically the BRLY07-Z00 model. The sensation has been bittersweet, since on the one hand it is revealed as a fantastic auxiliary appliance of great help in the kitchen, but on the other it transmits a certain insecurity regarding the grip of the glass to the base, and some of its pieces do not offer the desired strength and toughness.

The device consists of a base, a glass measuring cup, a stainless steel blade with six blades (four up and two down), a threaded bottom disc that closes the glass at the lower end, and a lid with opening at the top. The assembly of the glass is not complicated, the task is done with ease.

The control panel consists of two parts, in one of them there are two programs configured, with work cycles for blending or processing food, which are very comfortable because there is no need to worry about time, the machine stops by itself at the end of the cycle . On the other side, three speeds, from mixing gently to crushing ice, a fast pulse button and a slow pulse button. Finally, two last buttons, to turn on the appliance and stop its operation.

Advantages of the Oster Reversible Blender

As I said, the Oster Reversible Blender is a great kitchen aid. With it I have made shakes, sauces, mixes, slushies, crushed ice and food, and in this sense the behavior has been excellent.

The engine is powerful, and together with the six-blade blade, it has a good work capacity to face demanding tasks. The purees are very well crushed, the ice is crushed without problem, and at low speed it mixes gently without damaging certain delicate preparations. In the preset programs, the blade has a backward movement that facilitates that the mixture is homogeneous.

The control panel is easy to use, once its different functions have been reviewed in the instructions. It cannot be said that it is intuitive, but it is not complex. The lid has an opening, closed with a small beaker, through which ingredients can be added during use without having to stop the machine or open the lid.

Assembly and cleaning are easy tasks to carry out. The bowl is completely disassembled from the blade so that cleaning with hot soapy water does not leave any nook where dirt accumulates.


There are two disadvantages that I have found in the use of this appliance. First of all, the bond between the glass and the base is in my opinion unstable and unsafe. It is true that during operation the glass remains anchored in its place, but while the mixer is not used or the ingredients are added, the glass does not connect firmly to the base, and can be easily moved with slight pressure. This can cause the glass to fall if you are not careful in handling it.

Second, the material of the disk that closes the glass at the bottom, securing the blades and serving as a grip with the base, does not present sufficient resistance. There have been two times that it has appeared cracked without exerting excessive manual pressure. On the other hand, there is no stop when closing it, thereby running the risk of leaving it too loose and the content spilling out, or over tightening so that this does not happen, increasing the risk of breakage. Twice in two months is a very high average for a device with a presumed very long life. Finding spare parts has been easy for me, but it is not acceptable to walk the path to service again and again to continue using the appliance.


The Oster Reversible blender is in my opinion a good auxiliary device that may need a reflection on the part of the manufacturer regarding the grip of the bowl to the base, and a review of the threaded bottom disc in a more resistant material and with a thread stop. concise.

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