How to Pizza, an app to become a pizzaiolo master


There are many applications related to gastronomy that we find in online stores. Today I want to talk to you about How to Pizza, an app to become a pizzaiolo master with which I have been entertaining for a few days and from which I have learned a lot.

The app, which exists for both Android and iPhone and other devices, is semi-free, since the part related to margarita pizzas and their variations can be accessed free of charge. The rest of the modules and videos can be purchased at a price of 1.79 euros each.

The How to Pizza app

How to Pizza works is very simple and intuitive. In the application, Marco, a master pizza maker from Naples, teaches us in different videos how to make the best pizza recipes at home.

With the help of Marco, a Neapolitan pizzaiolo and his practical video classes, we learn how to prepare real Italian pizza at home, and discover surprising recipes and combinations

When we want to prepare homemade pizzas, we almost always resort to the same recipes based on a homemade or pre-cooked dough, which we cover with tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella and we usually complete it by adding cooked ham, mushrooms, bacon or minced meat.

With this application we can learn a good number of options, preparation methods and variants so that the pizzas we make are much more varied. Starting from the recipe for pizza dough and discovering tricks such as not to stretch a dough again so as not to make it elastic, pizzaiolo gives us many ideas to innovate our pizzas.

Modules and sections

Although the free part of the app only includes the recipes and variations of the basic margarita pizza, with 5 recipes and 4 videos, the extra modules at a price of 1.79 euros each give us a lot of options. In each module there are more than 20 recipes that are completed with 3 or 4 explanatory videos.

In the online store corresponding to our mobile or tablet, you can buy the modules of traditional pizzas, extravagant pizzas, short and creative pizzas, appetizers and white pizzas, Party pizza or my favorites, sweet pizzas, which open up a very interesting world to renew our pizza recipe book.

In each section, we can choose between recipes and videos and within each recipe we find a step by step, illustrated with photographs and of course, the list of ingredients necessary for each preparation.

With recipes as varied as Pizza Dama Rosa, Pizza Colombo, Calzone Envidioso, Pizza Arrotolata, classic Focaccia, Montanara white pizza, Panuozzo Casereccio or sweet Tropicale pizza, we are going to have a lot of variety.

With a full cost of 10.74 euros if we buy all the How to Pizza modules, the result is a complete electronic cookbook at an affordable price and with a wide variety of pizza recipes. I'll be showing you some of them when I prepare them this fall.

How to pizza

App for mobiles and tablets Official website Free price for basic notions / 1.79 euros extra module

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