Ancient duck eggs


Today I bring you a curiosity. But not found there, if not bought in my visit to Ibero China, it is about a thousand year old duck eggs.

The millennial eggs, in other places they are known as centenarians, are really nothing of the kind. I mean they don't have that much time. At most a few months and above they can be kept for a long time.

Egg symbolism in China

These types of eggs join many other types of eggs that are part of Chinese cuisine, its customs, its culture. Chicken, duck, goose, pigeon and quail eggs are used in Chinese cuisine. They are usually found in countless dishes and in this way they are usually compared with other reserve products since there are many ways to make them, some of them very complicated.

Eggs also have a very important meaning since it is an ingredient or an element that is linked to fortune and prosperity. And all because of the symbolism they have, not only for being the beginning of life but even for the smooth, oval shape, etc.

Decorated eggs?

Eggs are therefore made in many ways. For example, we have marbled eggs, they are slightly broken and cooked in infusions of different ingredients. Peeling them gives a marbled effect on the egg. The truth is that they are very interesting.

There are also smoked eggs, although not because they are smoked but because they are put in a marinade of soy sauce and other ingredients for hours and then cooked. In the same way, eggs of various colors are made, red for example are given at birth as a symbol of good luck.

Duck eggs are made in many ways, for example by salting them. They are put in salt for a time, then in ashes and finally they are cleaned and cooked. Very salty eggs are obtained that serve as a condiment.

Or the way we are dealing with today. To achieve this black effect, duck eggs are introduced for four months in a mixture of lime, ash, salt and rice husks. In this way you get this tonality. The touch is like hard gelatinous, the smell is not very good and the taste ... I'll tell you about it.

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