II Gusti Negrini Creative Cooking Contest in Madrid Fusión 2008


Until next December 1, registration to participate in a very special contest is open, it is the II Gusti Negrini Creative Cooking Contest for kitchen professionals that will take place in Madrid Fusión 2008. It is a contest with which is intended to promote and expand knowledge about Italian products, and last year, in its first edition, it managed to capture great expectations, let us remember that in that first edition, the great chef Montse Estruch managed to win the award.

As in the last edition, participants can choose between three categories, starter, first and second course, for this they must send the recipes on a CD together with the pertinent registration request that you can download through the official website. Only six recipes will be selected and these must be prepared by their creators in the next edition of Madrid Fusión, an interesting platform to make themselves known, without a doubt.

The prizes have been slightly modified with respect to the last edition, a trip to Italy of one week instead of 5 days and the economic amount of 3,000 euros is suppressed. During that week the stay in the country will be complete and very gastronomic, visiting and getting to know restaurants, wineries, oil mills, etc.

The requirements to participate are simple, use three products from the brand's catalog in recipes. If you are a professional in the kitchen and you are interested in participating, it is an interesting opportunity and a possible triumph to add to your record.

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