II edition of Córdoba Califato Gourmet, the great gastronomic event of Andalusia is about to begin


On September 28 and 29, seven of the best Spanish chefs of the moment will meet at the Real Círculo de la Amistad in Córdoba. Andoni Luis Adúriz, Yayo Daporta, Kisko García, Ignacio Echapresto, Fernando Canales, Jesús Sánchez and guest chef Celia Jiménez will participate in the second edition of Córdoba Califato Gourmet, the great gastronomic event in Andalusia.

After the success obtained in the 2014 edition, about which we kept you up to date in this post and in this one, Córdoba Califato Gourmet returns to the fray with news and proposals that, based on gastronomic miscegenation, seek to unite cuisine and Cordovan products with the signature cuisine of these chefs.

Unlike last year, the event has been extended one more day. In this way, attendees will be able to enjoy two gastronomic days full of tradition, flavor and authenticity expressed in dishes and tapas prepared by a group of seven Michelin stars and 14 Repsol soles.

Celebrations of the II Edition of Córdoba Califato Gourmet

Tapas contest "califato street food"

Córdoba Califato Gourmet has organized a tapas contest called Califato street food. A total of 40 establishments will participate in it, whose creations will be presented to the public in their own premises, from September 17 to 27. These tapas will be exhibited in a free show cooking open to the public on the 28th.

Fans of good gastronomy will be able to taste these tapas and vote for their three favorites, while a jury made up of Yayo Daporta, Fernando Canales and Ignacio Echapresto will choose another three. The total of the six winning tapas will have the privilege of participating in the show cooking of the III edition of this event in 2016.

Two VIP six-handed dinners

Attendees at Córdoba Califato Gourmet will be able to taste the preparations of the participating chefs in two VIP dinners. With Yayo Daporta, Fernando Canales and Ignacio Echapresto responsible for the first, and Andoni Luis Adúriz, Kisko García and Jesús Sánchez responsible for the second, together with the collaboration of chef Celia Jiménez, who will prepare the aperitif.

Show cooking "Córdoba Gourmet"

After the official press conference of the event, the awards ceremony of the "califato street food" tapas contest will take place, as well as the "Córdoba Gourmet" show cooking in which the participating chefs and the winning establishments contest of the first edition will make various savory tapas, and the pastry chef José Roldán will make a sweet tapa.

Cordoba gourmet caliphate 2015

Limited capacity: prior reservation required
Venue: Royal Circle of Friendship, Córdoba
Price of tapas contest "califato street food": free entry, tapas € 2 and drinks € 1
Price VIP dinner for 6 hands, Monday 28: € 100
Price VIP dinner for 6 hands, Tuesday 29: € 120
Córdoba Gourmet Showcooking: € 40

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