III National Contest of Pinchos and Tapas City of Valladolid


After the celebration of the ninth edition of the Valladolid Provincial Pinchos Contest that we announced a little over a month ago, whose winner of the 2007 Golden Pincho with all the votes of the jury (20 of 20) was the Restaurant Los Zagales de la Abadía With its “Piragua Marinera”, the III City of Valladolid National Contest of Pinchos and Tapas is already being prepared.

This third edition of a contest in which all regions of Spain participate, will be held from October 15 to 17. The Valladolid City Council, the Provincial Association of Hospitality and Gastronomic News, summon hospitality professionals from all over the Spanish territory to present their work in the contest, it is only necessary to put all the meat on the grill to achieve a high quality skewer gastronomic.

First, the elaborations and photographs that are sent by mail will be collected, after a selection by the jury of the Federation of Cooks of Spain, the in-person contest will be held on the days indicated in the courtyard of the Cloister of San Benito de Valladolid. Pedro Larumbe will be the president of a jury made up of professionals from the hospitality sector, who will debate which are the skewers worthy of the three awards, the first one awarded with 6,000 euros, 3,000 euros for the second and 1,500 euros for the third.

Coinciding with the contest, Gastronomicom News will be in charge of organizing the I International Tapa Assembly, a professional meeting between tapas experts in the world where the tradition, evolution and innovation of miniature cuisine will be analyzed. This assembly will be held in two sessions with presentations and demonstrations by Spanish specialists residing here and in foreign countries, they will expose the impact of this very Spanish gastronomic modality in the different countries of origin.

The assembly attendees have not yet been specified, but prestigious professionals such as Albert Adrià, from Inopia de Barcelona, ​​Alberto Herráiz, from Figón de Saint Julien in Paris, Mikel Santamaría from Grupo Bokado, José Andrés, from Jaleo bars in Washington, César Ruiz, from La Hispanidad de Madrid, Eder Montero from Tía Dolly from New York, Oscar Caballero, international gastronomic chronicler or Jöel Rebuchon from L'Atelier de Paris.

Valladolid is great no matter where you look, this year we will be there and we will try to convey to you the essence that the event contains, or can we see each other?

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