III Navarra Gourmet Live the Vegetables


The Navarra Gourmet International Congress, live the vegetables is now in its third edition and with each passing year it is becoming one of the gastronomic encounters par excellence, which we must take into account in our agendas. This year it will be held in Pamplona on May 18, 19 and 20.

But Navarra Gourmet is not only its International Congress. Around this are configured a series of meetings and activities that have in common to unite gastronomes: The XV Days of Exaltation of the Vegetable of Tudela, the delivery of Gold Medals and Accessit of the Agrifood City of Tudela, the IV Awards Eva, Alimenta 2009, the XXI Professional Exhibition of Hospitality Industry of Navarra, the VI Film and Gastronomy Exhibition, II Pasarela del Pincho y del Vino de Navarra, contest of gastronomic societies, etc.

Although surely the most relevant thing is the importance that the organizers of the III International Congress wanted to give this year to the blogosphere, live the vegetables. Since they are going to organize the I Bloggers Meeting together with the first prize "Navarra Gourmet" for the best amateur gastronomic blog.

We will surely have more opportunities before the designated dates to bring you more information about the International Congress, live the vegetables.

More information | Navarra Gourmet Directly to the Paladar | II International Congress "Live the vegetables"

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