Ikea, the kitchen and Sweden

The other day I went to IKEA and couldn't resist paying a visit to the Swedish food store. And it is that I get lost, I see anything related to food and it drives me crazy. And there I discovered a book that caught my attention: Ikea, the kitchen and Sweden. Although it is already a few years old, for me Swedish gastronomy, beyond salmon, is a great unknown.

I bought it and without a doubt it was a great investment (its price is 4.50 euros), since I discovered a large number of typical recipes of Swedish gastronomy and very simple to make. In addition, most of the ingredients can be found in the store itself and if not make small adaptations.

Divided into starters, salmon dishes, meatball dishes, cold cuts, desserts and drinks, we find a selection of representative recipes of Swedish gastronomy. And they have a dessert that you have to make one of these days, a pancake cake.

The selection of cocktails and drinks is worth a look. I have already tried wolf paw and the truth is that it is very tasty, a great find for these hot summer nights. And the Christmas liquor, with cardamom and orange will drop soon.

The notes and curiosities about Swedish gastronomy stand out, allowing you to get closer to that culture and get an idea of ​​what its parties and celebrations are like and how they live. For example, Swedes are great coffee lovers and they drink it all the time. Also, if you have become fond of the Milenium and Larsson books, you will feel even a little bit Swedish.

Ikea, the kitchen and sweden

Cookbook manager Lennarth Brewitz
Price 4.50 euros
ISBN 91-7843-155-7

In Noctamine | Wolf paw. Cocktail recipes
Directly to the Palate | The IKEA grocery store

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