We tested the new oil free fryer from Ikohs: the cheapest on the market in its category (even more so on Black Friday)


Oil-free fryers are, without a doubt, the appliance of 2020. There is no brand worth its salt that has not released its version of this appliance with such an attractive claim: enjoying crunchy foods, without bathing them in oil.

As we explained in our oil-free fryers buying guide, it is important to be clear that this appliance looks much more like an oven than a conventional fryer. They all work the same: they subject food to very hot air in constant circulation, thanks to an electric heat source and the action of a fan. The original Airfryer model, an invention of the Philips house, heats food from above, with a ventilation system that acts from the top. And this is how the vast majority of models work, including the model that concerns us today: the Ikofry Healthy Touch.

Understanding how the appliance works is very important to choose the model that suits us, especially depending on the people we are at home. Normally, brands emphasize the capacity of the basket where we put the food, which is measured in liters, but more important still is its surface, since there are foods that do not cook correctly if they are superimposed.

The Ikofry Healthy Touch, from the Valencian brand Ikohs, is a small appliance (probably the smallest of how many there are on the market), which is only useful for homes of one or two people, because, as we will see, its basket it has a very limited area.

The panel is very simple: we can only choose the temperature and cooking time.

What's in the box and specifications

The appliance is available in two models, black and white, with the same characteristics. Like most oil-free fryers, we are dealing with a very simple appliance, which consists only of three separate parts: the appliance itself and a basket with a raised tray at the bottom, which is used to allow the fat released by the food to drain away. accumulate in the background and do not come into contact with them.

The basket has a capacity of only 1.5 L, and a round surface, which, as we will see, greatly limits the amount of food we can make at the same time.

The device is logically accompanied by a concise, although well-written manual, in which we miss a more complete time table.


900 W


1.5 L


50-60 Hz


257x211x276 mm


Aluminum / stainless steel / ABS


2.7 Kg


220 ~ 240V AC

Cooking temperature





2 years

IKOHS IKOFRY Healthy Touch -Oil-Free, Oil-Free Air Fryer, 1.5 l Capacity, 900W, Non-Stick Basket, 80-200 ° Temperature Selector, Automatic Shutdown, BPA Free, Programmable, White

PVP at Create Ikohs € 39.95 PVP at Amazon € 40.95 PVP at PC Components € 42.98

The basket barely fits a chicken stilt without overlapping, an insufficient portion for two people.

Let's do it

The appliance has a touch panel located in the upper part, very simple, in which we can select the cooking temperature, from 80 to 200º C, and the time we want it to cook. There are no preset programs or any other additions, something we appreciate, since this type of device does not really need more controls.

To check the effectiveness of the Ikofry Healthy Touch we have tried to cook different foods, which we already know are prepared to perfection in a deep fryer without oil: chicken, sweet potato and potato.

With chicken, which needs to be cooked without stacking, we have a significant space problem. Measured in terms of chicken wings, our flagship oil-free fryer recipe, only three wings fit, which is insufficient even if we are just two people. And if we want to make other pieces, depending on the size of the chicken, we will have problems even to fit a whole thigh and thigh.

Taking into account these space limitations, the chicken is cooked correctly, although the results do not convince us as much as in other more powerful oil-free fryers, and that is that the Ikofry Healthy Touch has 900 W, compared to the 1,400 it has, for example , Cecotec's alternative, its most direct competitor in the range low cost.

Only a sliced ​​sweet potato reaches the maximum capacity of the basket.

We have the same problem with sweet potatoes and potatoes (which cook the same way): the small size of the basket prevents us from making large quantities, and it is more difficult to remove these so that they cook evenly, which makes the task much more difficult. Although the oil-free fryer is advertised with a 1.5 L capacity, the manual itself points out that, to achieve crispy fries, we can only cook 300 g at once.

We also found a somewhat annoying design problem, which is that the basket does not have a regular base, so when resting it on the worktop it remains inclined. This, while not completely destroying the cooking experience, is a bit annoying.


Ikofry Healthy Touch is one of the cheapest oil-free fryers on the market (the most economical in length with digital control) and it is for a reason: it is one of the smallest and one of the least powerful.

Its advantage, apart from the unbeatable price, is that it takes up little space, but we can only recommend it in small homes, and in which the appliance is going to be used less intensively, for example, to make garnishes.

IKOHS IKOFRY Healthy Touch -Oil-Free, Oil-Free Air Fryer, 1.5 l Capacity, 900W, Non-Stick Basket, 80-200 ° Temperature Selector, Automatic Shutdown, BPA Free, Programmable, Black

PVP at Create Ikohs € 38.95 PVP at Amazon € 40.95 PVP at PcComponents € 42.98

It should be remembered that the basket and the rack can be put in the dishwasher and, even if we don't, they can be washed in a matter of minutes, which is quite advantageous compared to the oven equipment, especially, we insist, in small homes.

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