Illy issimo, refreshing canned coffee


With the arrival of summer and with the high temperatures we are experiencing, what we most want is to enjoy something very cold, that is why the well-known Italian brand Illy has partnered with Coca-Cola to market the illy issimo drink and offer us the possibility to have a canned coffee ready to drink.

Illy issimo Cofee Drink is the first ready-to-drink drink exclusively from coffee, which is designed to be enjoyed cold, and to be taken anytime, anywhere. It is a new concept of enjoying coffee and adapting to the new times.

They have three varieties, Caffé, Cappuccino and Latte macchiato. Caffé is a black espresso, Cappuccino is coffee with milk and cocoa, and Latte macchiato is a delicious espresso with milk.

Its composition is exclusively coffee, specifically pure Arabica, and does not contain preservatives or colorants, which makes us enjoy a totally natural product. The entire range is presented in elegant cans.

It is currently marketed in several European countries, as well as the United States and Japan, and is expected to reach many more countries soon.

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