Ingredients of the new kitchen: Maltodextrin


Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that is obtained from the hydrolysis of starch. Is easily digestible, small source of energy, with little sweetening power and soluble in cold water.

Its use has always been widespread in the food industry and is now beginning to be used in modern kitchens. Here are a few examples.

Uses in the food industry

Maltodextrin is a basic tool in the food industry, it is a excellent moisturizer and thickener, and is used to: * Disperse dry ingredients. * Stabilize foods with high amounts of fat. * Source of carbohydrates in energy drinks. * They are effective auxiliary spray drying (spry drying) flavors, fruit juices and products difficult to dry.

Uses in the kitchen This carbohydrate can be used to: * Transform oil into powder. Oil powder has a high affinity for water and when it comes into contact with the saliva of the mouth it produces an incredible sensation releasing all the powerful flavors of the oil.

  • Whiskey candies, vinegar ... Containing all the concentrated flavors in a small portion.
  • Get a peanut butter granulate from it, and when taken to reconstitute it in the mouth.

The products that I have seen made with it are incredible and you can see a couple of video examples on the page of the textures el Bulli, the one of crumbs of argan oil and that of walnut powder.


Important amounts of this ingredient are always used in the preparation of the dish, more than 40%, but impressive results will be achieved for all the senses.

I recommend that you look for the recipes for: * Adrian Vasquez's white chocolate powder. * Crumbs of bitter almond oil from Ferran Adriá. * Bacon powder.

Or consult some more in the book on hydrocolloids edited by Martin Lersch, from the Khymos blog.

To achieve this I recommend buying it at Solé Graells, which is the most comfortable solution in my case, but if you know of other places you can leave it in the comments.

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