Recipe ingredients captured with high speed photography


When photography took its first steps, it caused an enormous stir in many fields, but one of the most interesting effects was that it allowed the human eye to contemplate processes and movements that it had never been able to see before. And even today we are still fascinated by images like those of these recipe ingredients captured with high-speed photographs.

Today's super-slow camera technology and the like deliver truly eye-catching results and continue to inspire many artists. I liked Nora Luther's idea of ​​playing with speed and montage to create compositions in which the ingredients seem to fall - or jump - all at once.

They are complex works, since it not only requires mastering different techniques but also hitting the composition and the role that each ingredient plays in each piece. Luther manages to cause a very achieved effect of lightness and naturalness, leaving our imagination to visualize how each product falls gently on the plate.

In addition to being very visually beautiful, it is a project to illustrate recipes. In the final cards the author includes the amounts of each ingredient in the photograph, and is accompanied by the text that describes each step. In this way, whoever faces the preparation of the dishes can get an idea of ​​the recipe by looking at the image, but the final appearance depends on their imagination.

Among the dishes that Nora Luther dissects in the air we find couscous with dandelion, lemon zucchini, Mediterranean red perch, risotto, etc. Obviously, dishes with a much larger ingredient list would be really difficult to portray like this.

The truth is that it is a very original way of presenting a recipe, although I think I like photographs better as works in themselves. It could be a good decoration idea for a restaurant, using dishes from your own menu.

Via | Laughing Squid
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