Green beans with oriental style lactose free yogurt sauce. Recipe


This recipe is a clear example of how the most common vegetables can combine perfectly with an ‘exotic’ sauce prepared with sweet elements. The main ingredients are green beans, potatoes, yogurt and raisins (which will give it a characteristic flavor), and I would like to stop for a moment on beans because if they are part of the most consumed vegetables in the world it is without a doubt because they are refreshing, light and they are also full of vitamins.

Young green beans are a seasonal fruit that is mainly found from late spring and throughout the summer. At home we eat them sautéed with ham, as a garnish for main dishes and boiled with a little lemon and olive oil. These ‘green beans with lactose-free yogurt sauce in the oriental style’ manage to transform the simplicity of potatoes into a culinary delight.

Ingredients for four people):

  • One kilo of green beans, 100 grams of raisins, one large onion, 300 grams of potatoes, two tablespoons of olive oil, two containers of Kaiku lactose-free sweetened natural yogurt, two dessert tablespoons of cornstarch, a glass of broth of homemade vegetables, a dessert spoon of curry, salt and pepper.

How we prepare our green beans with oriental style lactose-free yogurt sauce:

The beans are washed and left to drain, after removing the ends they are chopped. After the skin of the potatoes is cleaned, it is removed and they are washed again, the potatoes are cut into cubes and boiled together with the beans in salted water for 15 minutes. Now we wash the raisins and keep them soaked until they are used.

While the vegetables are cooking we begin to prepare the sauce: we cut the onion into thin rings and sauté it in a saucepan with olive oil, when it is ready we must add the curry, stirring and cover everything with the broth.

We can take advantage of the time that we have the onions on the fire to mix the yogurt with the cornstarch (stirring well); We add it to the previous mixture when the onions are covered with broth. We will also add the raisins and after mixing the whole set, bring to a simmer seasoned to taste, in about five minutes it will be ready.

When the potatoes and beans are cooked, we must drain them and mix them with the sauce. It is a warm dish that can be a tasty and light summer meal.

Preparation time | 60 minutes Difficulty | Easy


To accompany we can use long grain rice or basmati (if we want to emphasize the oriental touch)

Macarena González is a mother who likes to get into the kitchen to prepare classic dishes, and also to experiment with new textures and flavors. She is convinced that food is a source of health, so every day she spends time choosing the best ingredients with which to prepare food for her family. She is an editor at Peques y Más.

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